Manufacturing Apps: How Mobile Applications are Altering the Manufacturing Industry

manufacturing appsIn today’s economy, nearly any new innovation that hints at an ability to increase a manufacturing firm’s profitability is heartily embraced. Without a doubt, one of the most sweepingly innovative changes to arrive in the manufacturing sector over the past few years has been the use of mobile computing applications — or ‘apps,’ as they’re more commonly known — in the workplace.

The environment of a manufacturing facility is fast-paced and deadline driven. And so any work process development that increases employee productivity without sacrificing safety is more than welcome. In fact, it’s often celebrated, and for good reason:

A Motorola survey recently revealed that that manufacturers who incorporate mobile applications into their processes saved a daily average of 42 minutes per employee.

Who could have guessed that allowing a telephone onto the factory floor would one day be encouraged?

Manufacturers Who Utilize Mobile Apps Improve Business

The advent of mobile apps has helped manufacturers in several ways:

  • Increasing operational efficiency: This is an area that manufacturing has been struggling with mightily over the last few years. Very recently, though, the utilization of mobile apps has improved supply chain management as well as material planning.
  • Improving information processing, and speeding up communication: It used to be a long, arduous process to communicate the simplest things in a manufacturing facility. Not anymore. Mobile apps do away with much of the repetitive invoicing, not to mention that lengthy paper trail that used to accompany even the simplest of decisions. Thanks to technology, decisions are can now be applied much quicker and with faster communication.
  • They allow for the real-time sharing of information. This improves efficiency and employee productivity dramatically.
  • Mobile applications allow for the tracking of materials within the warehouse, or for materials being shipped. This streamlines decision making and improves productivity.
  • Management on the manufacturing floor can monitor time and attendance with mobile apps, allowing them to much more effectively manage the employees who work underneath them.
  • Maintenance workers are able to more effectively repair machines by accessing parts information and interactive repair guides on mobile tablets or smartphones.
  • Safety workers are able to use camera and location-based apps to immediately and accurately report health, safety, and environmental incidents.

Mobile apps, it’s safe to say, have practically revolutionized the manufacturing sector. By streamlining information processing and communication, productivity and efficiency have vastly improved.

Protecting Your Mobile Devices

manufacturing appsWhile the near-miracle rise of mobile apps has definitely boosted the bottom line for more than a few manufacturing firms, it has also led to a number of not-so-highly-anticipated events.

It turns out that having a tablet or smartphone on the floor of a manufacturing facility, for instance, can be very expensive indeed if the device isn’t adequately protected.

Imagine working in a facility that manufactures paint. Can you imagine the horror of watching a wet splat of paint destroy a work-issued smartphone or a cabinet of iPads?

Any one of the millions of different materials used in the manufacturing industry could easily destroy a smartphone or tablet within seconds. Unless your device is properly protected, it won’t stand a chance.

One of the easiest ways to protect your device is with a NuShield screen protector. There are several different varieties to choose from, each custom fitted for your device.

How a Screen Protector Will Help You

  • It’ll protect your screen from accidental spills and scratches
  • The anti-glare capabilities will allow you to easily read on your screen, despite varying lighting conditions.
  • A screen protector will prevent greasy fingerprints from accumulating on the screen.
  • Apply a screen protector with anti-microbial properties to your device, and it’ll go a long way towards preventing the spread of disease. We pass our devices around from person to person in the work environment, and this can prove to be detrimental to our health.

A screen protector is a very cost effective way to protect expensive devices from accidents. And with NuShield’s Triple A anti-microbial screen-protector film, they’re also a very effective method of preventing the spread of illness, which is yet another way of increasing productivity.

  • NuSheild’s DayVue film will allow you to read what is on your screen easily, especially if you’re working outdoors.
  • The NuShield Triple A film is the perfect way to reduce glare while protecting your smartphone or tablet.
  • The NuShield Triple A film will also reduce glare and help keep pesky fingerprints away. Its anti-microbial properties will help prevent infectious disease from spreading.

The use of mobile apps on smartphones and tablets has been a boon to the manufacturing industries. Protect your devices cheaply and effectively with NuShield screen protectors.