Are Library Touch Screens Germs and Bacteria on Monitors Putting Your Family at Risk?

Stop Viruses on Library Touch ScreensHave you ever stopped to think how germs and bacteria on library touch screens and monitors can spread flu viruses, or skin bacteria?

Take a moment and think about just how many kids, parents, homeless people and other use the monitors at your library. All sorts of people from different walks of life put their hands on these screens. When monitors used by the general public are not protected by any sort of protective barrier, their surface gets covered with germs, bacteria and other nasty particles.

Though an individual could bring a pair of gloves with him to his local library in an attempt to avoid contact with all of those unsavory particles on monitors, doing so is a bit ridiculous. The gloves would have to be washed after each use. Furthermore, he would probably feel quite self-conscious wearing gloves while pressing a monitor in a temperature controlled public environment. Thankfully, there is a better solution: NuShield Triple A antimicrobial screen protectors.

Several afternoon a week, two-year old Alena comes to her town library in Springfield NJ to enjoy, learn, and explore with her care giver. Her neatly coiffed ponytail wrapped in a red band jiggles as she bounces on her knees on the chair, eagerly manipulating the library’s AWE Digital Learning System‘s touch screen, engaging in the Dora and Diego early literacy digital learning games, her favorite. Alena is a joy to watch in her pink sneakers, blue jeans, and black and white starred jacket with pink trim.

The Springfield Children’s Library has invested in the AWE Digital Learning system to engage young toddler like Alena in educational experiences while at play. These lucky toddlers are building their literacy muscles in a friendly, safe, cheerful, and welcoming childrens’ library.

NuShield Screen Protectors Safeguard Users by Eliminating Library Touch Screens’ Germs and Screen Monitor Bacteria

NuShield specializes in screen protectors that can be applied to any type of display, whether they are touch screens or monitors in a public libraries, a laptops, cameras, GPSs or traditional computer displays. The NuShield Triple A™ film protects against harmful microbes, greatly reduces glare and even prevents those unsightly fingerprint smudges. The Triple A™ anti-germ and anti-fingerprint screen protectors can be applied to the screens in your library.

Do Not Underestimate the Level of Public Screen Contamination

Stop Library Touch Screens GermsThe average person uses a library monitor without considering just how dirty the average person’s hands really are. People touch all sorts of surfaces throughout the day, from bathroom door handles to the office coffee maker, stairwell rails, steering wheels, keyboards, computer mice, video game controllers etc. These surfaces are far from pristine. It is not feasible for one to wash his hands after touching each of these items. Touching such surfaces drastically heightens the risk of spreading bacteria, fungi and all sorts of other gross particles. Now imagine such dirty hands pressing against your library’s monitors. It’s a recipe for the rapid spreading of sickness and disease.

Stop Spreading Bacteria on Library Touch ScreensThough it might be hard to believe, monitors actually contain thousands of more germs and other harmful contaminants than a toilet seat. Swab tests conducted by consumer groups found thousands of germs on monitors. Such monitors have upwards of 20 times the amount of bacteria as a toilet seat.

Sure, one of your library’s employees might clean off these screens with paper towels and disinfectant a couple of times each week. Yet the odds that a visitor will have the good fortune to immediately use the screen after such a cleaning are incredibly low. A widely referenced study published in 2010 shows that viruses can move from fingers to glass surfaces quite easily. Such a surface is similar to that used on monitors, smartphones and other high-tech consumer devices. All it takes for sickness to occur is contact with a compromised screen within 15-20 minutes of the previous user. Unfortunately, library monitors rarely go unused for more than a few minutes.

Don’t let Germ-Laden Screens Spread Sickness any Longer

Modern day technological advances have made it possible to greatly reduce the transfer of contagious viruses, germs and fungi. All it takes is the application of a NuShield Triple A™ screen protector film. This additional layer mitigates the spread of library touch screen germs and screen monitor bacteria, empowering users to enjoy their time on your library’s monitors without concern for their personal health.

Library Staff, Library Foundations, and Library Friends

Our dedicated library staff and volunteers work to keep the community safe, warm and welcome as library members utilize their libraries to engage their minds, enjoy cultural experiences, and pursue lifelong learning. Keeping library touch screen germs and screen monitor bacteria at bay is one of those unseen – but important library functions.

To keep library visitors safe and avoid spreading contaminants, many libraries established protocols to clean desk surfaces and keyboards with disinfecting wipes. These wipes are not appropriate for screen surfaces, which is why libraries install the NuShield Triple A screen protectors on their monitors. Since NuShield cuts the Triple A screen protectors to fit any model screen, NuShield provides a one-stop purchasing solution for libraries, through either their operating budgets, or through the generosity of their foundations and volunteer organizations.

Ordering Touch Screens and Computer Monitor Screen Protection

Unlike limited options offered by retailers, NuShield accommodates any size touch screens and computer monitors, while making it simple and easy for libraries to order and install.

Bulk orders for the Triple A anti-microbial, anti-reflective screen protectors can be placed online. Libraries and other educational institutions can also order an individual screen protector.  If you do not see your brand touch screen or monitor brand in the drop down options, you can request  custom sizes.

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