NuShield Triple A Anti-glare Film Works with Green and Red Laser Pointers in Conference Rooms and Classrooms

Business Conference Rooms and School Classrooms Install Triple A Anti-glare Screen Protectors on LCD Displays

The use of TVs and LCD screens has become a near necessity in both classrooms and business conference rooms. Advancements in technology have made the use of digital devices common in order to conference with remote locations, share ideas, and impart knowledge. Gone are the days when presentations were made using chalkboards or white boards.

laser pointersAs useful and effective as LCD displays are, they can be challenging to view both in the classroom and in the boardroom. In addition, overhead lights can further decrease visibility. Glare and reflections are normally given off by the display, making it harder to see what is on the screen. This is why you may often see people constantly adjusting their seats and twisting/turning their heads to follow with the presentation.

The use of laser pointers on such displays makes the situation even more complicated. Laser pointers tend to be absorbed by the background, and they become less effective the further you are from the screen. The bigger the screen, the more light is absorbed and the less visible the laser is.

The NuShield Triple A Film reduces glare and makes lasers visible

laser pointersIn order to reduce the glare that is given off by your display, install the NuShield Triple A film to improve visibility while indoors. The film contains an anti-glare matte finish that eliminates reflections from the surrounding area. Any light sources that shine on the display are scattered in different directions. This results in reduced glare and greater visibility.

The Triple A antiglare film also reduces the mirror-like appearance of reflected images on your screen. This means that you can view what is on the display from any angle you are sitting. No need for your audience to huddle in one area of the room or constantly strain their necks to follow along.

Increase visibility of Laser pointers

The Triple A film also allows you to use any red or green laser pointer during your presentations. The slightly rough surface of the film provides a platform upon which the laser beam can be viewed without damaging the display of the device. You can now enhance the effectiveness of your PowerPoint presentations during boardroom meetings.

Troy School System enjoys the benefits of the NuShield Triple A film

To make their newly purchased LCD monitors more effective, the Troy, NY Central School District installed 100 NuShield Triple A films on their Cisco mx700 55 inch and mx800 70 inch screens in their classrooms.

The windows were letting in too much glare onto the displays and the only way to eliminate this distraction was to install the NuShield Triple A film. Both students and instructors have been able to enjoy improved visibility while using the monitors.

Application is easy

Installation is a quick and simple process. The Triple A film does not use an adhesive, and it fits easily on the display using slightly tacky silicone rubber. This means that you don’t have to worry about air bubbles or adhesive residues on your display. All you need is a rubber squeegee and two people to guide the film onto the surface of the display.

Ready to order the NuShield triple A film?

If you currently have glare issues in your boardroom or classroom, then NuShield might be your solution. The NuShield triple A film is available for many different devices. We can also take custom orders and cut the film to the right size for your display. Contact us to order our NuShield Triple A anti-glare film today!