Is the Groupon Merchant App Wrecking Havoc on Your Tablet or Smartphone?

Groupon Merchant AppSince its launch in 2008, Groupon has radically transformed the world of online shopping. The group buying site currently boasts over 70 million subscribers who adore the site’s daily discounts on everything from pedicures to sushi dinners.

Everyone loves saving money, and with Groupon consistently offering $100 massages for as little as $25, for instance, and $50 meals for $15, it has become a friend of many. The service attracts consumers, promotes local businesses, and ultimately helps to build long-lasting business relationships.

Reflection and glare can hurt the user experience

Groupon Merchant AppIf you accept Groupon at your place of business and use the Groupon Merchant App to keep track of customers and bookings, or to accept credit card payments, you probably find yourself staring into a screen for the better part of the day. According to medical experts, this can be harmful to your eyes.

The name for eye problems caused by extensive computer use is computer vision syndrome (CVS). Research has shown that between 50 to 90 percent of all mobile device and computer users have CVS symptoms of some sort. You can probably guess why computers cause so many more eye problems than, say, reading from paper: To a large degree, the flicker, contrast and glare of computer screens is the main culprit.

NuShield screen protectors to the rescue!

Fortunately, you can now say goodbye for good to all your screen reflection and glare problems, simply by installing a NuShield screen protector onto your tablet or smartphone.

Depending on your needs, you can choose NuShield’s Triple A film, which is ideal for indoor use, or NuShield’s DayVue film, an anti-reflective film for outdoor use.

The NuShield Triple A Screen Protector

If you need all-in-one protection from glare, germs, fingerprints and screen scratches, the NuShield Triple A film is designed for exactly that. In fact, this is one of the very few screen protectors on the market that currently combines anti-glare, anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant capabilities with antimicrobial protection.

Groupon Merchant AppThe antimicrobial coating of the Triple A film, which can be ordered for nearly any tablet or smartphone available today, inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. None of those are issues you want to be dealing with when your business requires you to have a mobile device within arm’s reach throughout the day.

And if you’re in the practice of letting customers handle your device — to log into their Groupon accounts, perhaps, or to swipe their credit cards — antimicrobial screen protection is something you definitely want to have on your side.

The Triple A also prevents the glare that occurs from artificial light. Harsh lighting within your offices or stores makes it extremely difficult to concentrate on your job when you have to rely on LCD screens. The Triple A, however, has built-in glare protection that makes the images on your screen easy to see, no matter where in the room you’re standing, or at which angle you’re holding your device. (It also hides unsightly finger prints!)

 Other benefits of our Triple A film:  

It protects your device’s LCD screen against germs, but still provides better clarity than most other antimicrobial films
• The film’s excellent chemical and abrasion resistance protects your screen with a very high level of effectiveness
• The film adheres to your screen with low-tack rubber and doesn’t leave residue upon removal
• It’s surprisingly easy to install, to remove, and to clean

The NuShield DayVue Screen Protector

The DayVue anti-reflective screen protector is a no-reflection, no-glare film that allows a mobile device user to read a screen’s display in sunlight. With DayVue film on your tablet or smartphone, you’ll be able to clearly see all the minor details on your screen, even while wearing sunglasses.

So if you happen to run a business that takes place outdoors, regardless of whether or not you use the Groupon Merchant App or any other mobile applications on a regular basis,  the addition of NuShield’s DayVue film to your device’s screen will almost certainly make your work day less frustrating and more productive.

Other benefits of our DayVue film:

• Delivers long lasting scratch resistance
• Significantly reduces reflection by filtering out sun glare while providing UV protection
• The adhesive film adheres to your screen by means of low-tack rubber, which leaves no residue during removal
• 100% money back guarantee!

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