NuShield Screen Protectors Now Available for the New iPhone devices

The new generation of iPhones seek to truly push the envelope of creativity. Key to this innovation process is the new, larger and stunning displays that are present on these devices. The iPhone 8 boasts a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, with the iPhone 8 Plus having a display size of 5.5 inches. Such large and high-quality displays come with a hefty price tag. Indeed, replacing a damaged screen on the iPhone 8 can easily cost you several hundred dollars. And the iPhone X has a humongous 5.8 inch retina display.

iPhoneIt is therefore important for you to protect the screen because these phones are subject to scratches, bangs, breakage, and general wear and tear. Equipping your iPhones with the NuShield Triple A screen protector can keep it in good condition longer. This can also prevent you from getting a fair trade in value when the next generation iPhone comes out.

And for those of you who want to retain the clarity and sharpness of the retina display, NuShield offers the DayVue anti-reflective screen protector film. This film also works with polarized sunglasses if you spend a lot of time outdoors and lets you read the screen without having to remove your glasses.

Install the NuShield film on your new iPhone

To protect the display of your iPhone install a NuShield screen protector. The films have a highly scratch-resistant surface that reduces the effects of wear and tear on the display. And with a thickness of only 6 mils, it does not affect the functionality of the touch screen. It is comfortable on the hands and remains responsive to touch commands on the screen.

Reduction in reflected glare

In addition to scratch and fingerprint protection, the NuShield Triple A film also reduces glare given off from overhead lights. From your experience using mobile devices indoors, you have probably experienced the need to constantly tilt your device or adjust your positioning relative to overhead lights. The matte finish eliminates reflections and cuts out glare. It also has an anti-microbial, germ killing feature which protects you from catching germs if multiple people touch your phone, especially during cold and flu season.

Quick and easy installation

As opposed to using an aggressive adhesive to stick the film to the display, the NuShield films use a low-tack silicon-based backing. This makes the screen protector easy to install, and it does not leave any adhesive residue. The films install without the need to wet the screen first and if you make a mistake just peel off the film and start again as many times as you need.

Order now to equip your iPhone with a NuShield film that best suits your life and your activities. NuShield also makes screen protector films to fit your other devices such as tablets, monitors and laptops and even the GPS in your car. If you have any questions regarding the NuShield screen protectors, contact us today.