NuShield Provides Screen Protection For Inventory Control Displays This Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, businesses are rushing to prepare their inventory to fulfill customer orders. A key component of this process involves making sure that inventory is enough to fulfill demand, but not too much such that unnecessary costs are incurred.

inventory control displaysMaintaining this delicate balance involves the use of mobile computers and inventory management systems. These devices provide inventory information by scanning barcodes and bringing up information about a particular product. The mobile computers are used by employees to keep track of inventory levels and to prepare customer orders for shipment.

It is therefore important for employees to maintain clear visibility of their mobile computers. Lighting conditions within the warehouse or on the store floor can make it challenging for employees to read what is on the display. Glare from overhead lights and reflections from the display can reduce visibility. In addition, the displays on these devices are sensitive and need protection from daily use.

The NuShield Triple A film can protect mobile computers against damage while improving visibility in the workplace.

The NuShield Triple A film improves indoor visibility

To improve the visibility of your inventory control displays, equip them with the NuShield Triple A anti-glare film. This protective film contains a matte finish that scatters reflected light from the display. The slightly rough surface of the film scatters reflected light in different directions, improving the visibility of the display. The reduced glare also makes viewing the device easy even under direct indoor light sources. The protective film also prevents scratches and fingerprints from accumulating on the device display, reducing the need for costly repairs.

The NuShield Triple A film contains antimicrobial properties

The Triple A film contains an antimicrobial layer that reduces the growth of germs, mold and mildew. The Triple A film is designed for environments where multiple users utilize the same display. This often leads to the accumulation of harmful germs and bacteria that can cause a health hazard.

The Triple A antimicrobial film addresses this concern by maintaining a coating that kills germs when they come into contact with the surface of the film. The coating has been shown to be effective even under varying environmental conditions. You can now maintain a healthier work environment by equipping your devices with the NuShield Triple A film.

Compatibility with multiple inventory management systems

Regardless of the type of inventory equipment you use, we can design a film that suits your needs. The NuShield Triple A film can be cut to fit any mobile computer screen, including phone size, full-size, wearable and gun-grip models. The size of your device display should not deter you from equipping it with the triple A film.

We stock ready-made film sizes for many brand mobile computers, including Wasp and Zebra mobile computers. Look for your device type here.

If your device is not listed, we can cut films to fit any size display. Follow our simple 5-step process to begin protection of your mobile computers, or contact us today to discuss what options are available to you.