NuShield Helps with Infection Control in Health Care Facilities

One of the greatest concerns in health care facilities is the growth and transference of germs from one patient or visitor to another. Infection pre or post operation can endanger the health of the patient. Visitors can bring in germs to the facility and staff has to be vigilant to make sure that these germs do not reach the patients, if possible.

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“Monitor inside bathroom at Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Salisbury, MD.”

One of the places where germs are easily transferred is the restroom facility and maintenance is constantly required. To keep track of the cleaning schedule and properly inform the public, hospitals started to post information outside the facility using an electronic display board with touch screen functionality. So it was vitally important to protect this display as well from germ growth.

The NuShield Triple A film provides a germ-killing function as well as anti-fingerprint and anti-glare benefits. Thousands of health care facilities have installed the NuShield film on various electronic displays throughout their facility, from tablets to monitors, ranging from patient rooms, operating and recovery rooms, patient information tablets and phone displays. By installing the film the user protects the display surface that greatly reduces the need to clean the screen with harsh germ-killing chemicals that can damage the display screen.

The Triple A screen protector film is easy to install and can last for years, providing germ killing protection for the device surface. The film is sold to correctly fit the display surface and NuShield currently has over 15,000 device sizes in its database. When necessary, NuShield works with the end user to create a new size for a device not in the database.

Many major manufacturers of electronic devices used in health care have turned to NuShield to protect their device displays and either ship the device with the film installed or sell it as an aftermarket solution. Some of these manufacturers include Astro-Med, Draeger Medical, GE Healthcare, GE Medical Systems, and Onyx Healthcare.

If you or facility need to provide protection against germs, NuShield is the only product on the market that provides anti-microbial as well as anti-glare and anti-fingerprint protection. You can check here to see if a Triple A screen protector film is available for your particular device.