How to Avoid Scratching Your Phone with Long Fingernails

how to avoid scratching your phone

Long fingernails can be beautiful. Many women take great pride in their nails, growing, filing, and polishing them. For many, a manicure is both an indulgence and a fashion statement. With new trends in nail art, longer nails provide a virtual open canvas to display one’s personality.

And yet while long fingernails can come in handy for scratching an itch or opening a package, they can also severely damage your Smartphone or tablet.

Scratches can reduce the life of your phone

how to avoid scratching your phone

As you run your long nails over your phone or tablet repeatedly, swiping and tapping, you’re also risking scratching your screen. And it goes without saying that the more you use your phone, the more likely scratches are to occur.

Over time, these scratches can greatly reduce the sensitivity of your mobile device, making it effectively obsolete. Scratches are also unsightly, and as they allow a permanent haze to slowly build up across your screen, they make it much harder to read, take pictures, or type.

Screen repair is expensive, sometimes costing hundreds of dollars. At that price, it’s almost better to replace your phone altogether! Having your phone or its screen replaced also causes a major hassle, since you’ll lose the use of your phone for hours, or even days.

If you enjoy having long nails, protecting your Smartphone and tablet screens is critical if you want to be saved from having to make expensive repairs and replacements on a frequent basis.

Screen protectors can prolong your phone’s life

Installing a quality screen protector can help prevent costly scratches and cracks. NuShield screen protectors provide longer-lasting screen protection than other brands, helping to ensure that your luscious long nails won’t scratch your device. They install in seconds with a low-tack adhesive that won’t leave a residue on your screen, and can be easily removed. They also won’t interfere with the sensitivity of your screen, providing a pleasingly smooth and responsive surface.

how to avoid scratching your phoneNuShield’s DayVue screen protectors provide a superior layer of glare protection. Using unique anti-reflective technology, these screen protectors enhance the clarity of your screen, even in indirect sunlight, or while wearing sunglasses. DayVue protectors are ideal for on-the-go activity, when sun glare might otherwise interfere with your ability to use your phone or tablet.

NuShield steps up the protection with its Triple A line. In addition to the anti-glare technology found in the DayVue protectors, these innovative films also provide antimicrobial protection.

The area under your nails is a prime breeding ground for germs. As you use (and scratch) your phone, these microbes transfer to microscopic and larger scratches in your screen’s surface. Over time, this can damage your phone, causing a permanent haze.

As the bacteria and fungi grow, they can make you sick. With the Triple A screen protector, germs are stopped in their tracks. You can even clean your screen protector with disinfectant solutions for the ultimate in disinfection.

Both the DayVue and Triple A lines of screen protectors provide superior protection for your devices, even when you have long nails. They also are anti-fingerprint, so your display stays crisp and clean, no matter how often you use your phone. With a lower risk of scratches and cracks, your phone will last longer and be more enjoyable to operate.

All NuShield protectors are sold in a variety of sizes to fit every device, and come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Go ahead, get a manicure

You don’t have to let your long nails scratch and damage your Smartphone screen and put a dent in your manicure budget. NuShield DayVue and Triple A screen protectors provide excellent protection against scratches and cracks, while also reducing glare and killing germs.

With all this protection, you’d think you’d have to pay premium prices, but NuShield protectors are surprisingly affordable. So go ahead, get another manicure, and order your NuShield screen protector today.