How NuShield Saved Christmas Church Service

Twas the month before Christmas that the church decided to purchase a new sound and video system so that those in the back rows can clearly see and hear the pastor speak up front. However, once the equipment was installed, they found that there was a great deal of glare on the TV screen coming from the lights surrounding the TV. Most pews from the middle rows to the back mostly saw reflections from the lights above, and sunlight coming in through the windows. 

The church turned to NuShield to help solve this glare problem since they were expecting a full house of worshippers for the holidays. Having decades of experience eliminating glare from all types of display surfaces the solution was easy and cost effective.

Christmas Church Service
Glare issues on the surface of an unprotected television

The NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protector film was installed over the surface of this 75 inch diagonal TV. The installation took a little over an hour and took two people to do the job. The film was installed while the TV was still hanging on the frame because this prevented dirt specs landing on the display and getting caught under the film which would cause bubbles on the surface. One person was responsible for holding the film straight and unrolling it while the other smoothed the film onto the display surface. The film went on smoothly and easily because of the light adhesive on the back of the film which allowed it to be lifted and replaced during installation.

Glare eliminated after the installation of the NuShield Triple A Film

A rubber edged scraper was used to keep the film from developing large air bubbles and later a simple credit card was used to push any small bubbles to the side. The surface of the film was not scratched because the NuShield film comes with a protective liner over the top to allow this type of smooting. After installation some small bubbles remained, but the TV was turned on for a couple of hours to heat up the screen and burn off the smaller bubbles.  The next morning these small bubbles were easily either pushed to the side or just flattened in place. In all, only a couple of small bubbles remained which over time will disappear or can be pushed flat.

The final result was remarkable. The Triple A film slightly blurred the image of any reflective image that was sitting up close and eliminated the sharp images on the screen that bounced onto the surface.  From various locations around the church the TV could be seen clearly without any glare. The church has plans to raise the TV even higher and anchor it to the concrete wall.

NuShield has been manufacturing and selling the Triple A anti-glare film for TVs, monitors, and smaller devices for over ten years with absolute success to eliminate glare. This film also has an anti-microbial feature which kills germs on the surface of the film and can be cleaned easily without damaging the film or the device surface.  Many healthcare facilities have installed this film on large directory displays, as well as patient monitors and handheld tablets used by doctors.

NuShield currently offers film sizes to fit over 15,000 different devices from Smartphones up to 80-inch diagonal televisions used by consumers, businesses and service personnel. NuShield will also work with you to create a new film size to fit your device if they don’t already offer a size to fit your screen without extra cost. Visit and find the film that suits your need to eliminate glare from your device.