Don’t Forget to Include a NuShield Screen Protector With Your Gift This Holiday

Even as advancements in technology are leading to the development of innovative, durable and useful electronic devices, these gadgets are still vulnerable to glare from the sun or from overhead indoor lights.

holiday Devices such as kindles, mobile phones, and tablets can be challenging to view when outdoors because the glare from the sun is reflected from the display and onto your eyes. This greatly reduces visibility and causes you to constantly adjust the position of the device relative to the sun.

In a similar fashion, viewing TVs, computer monitors, laptops and other indoor gadgets can be challenging due to the glare that is given off by indoor lights or coming in through the windows.

NuShield Screen Protectors improve device visibility

To make sure that your loved ones enjoy using their devices this holiday season, include a NuShield screen protector with your gift.

The NuShield DayVue anti-reflective screen protector reduces glare from the sun when using such devices outdoors. It works by canceling out reflected light while allowing transmitted light to go through. This greatly improves the visibility especially when you are wearing polarized sunglasses. Unlike other films on the market, the DayVue film makes it possible to see what is on your device display.

Those giving gifts for indoor use can also benefit from the NuShield Triple A film. The film contains an antiglare matte finish that eliminates glare from overhead lights and windows, and eliminates reflections. This improves the visibility, clarity, and focus of the display when using the device.

In addition, the Triple A film also contains anti-bacterial properties that kill germs and prevent microbes from accumulating on touchscreen devices which comes very handy during cold and flu season.

Protection against scratches

Electronic device displays are always likely to get scratched. NuShield screen protectors are also scratch resistant and protect the display. They are also quick and easy to install because they have a tacky adhesive that sticks easily and can be adjusted without ruining the film.

Ordering NuShield protective films is a convenient and simple 5-step process. The screen protectors come in sizes to fit over 12,000 different devices, and NuShield will work with you to fit any device that has a display of up to 80 inches across. Look for your device here, or contact us to place your order over the phone. So what are you waiting for? Order your NuShield screen protector today!