Protect your Phone and Tablet In The Kitchen This Holiday Season

As the holidays are fast approaching, you’re probably already exploring recipes that you can use to spice up this year’s meals. Indeed, the Internet has made it easier and more convenient to access many different recipes such as Pinterest. You can now take your cooking to the next level by following step-by-step recipes that can result in a truly mouth-watering meal.

holiday season This means taking your device into the kitchen where we know they stand the risk of being covered in spills of food and liquid. The last thing you want during the holiday season is to go through the inconvenience of repairing or replacing your beloved phone or tablet.

You can prevent disasters from happening by installing a NuShield Triple A screen protector. Not only does this protective film prevent spills from damaging your device, it also contains anti-glare properties that improve the visibility of your screen.

Protect your mobile devices with the NuShield Triple A Screen protector

The scratch-resistant surface of the film also protects against wear and tear. The film is only 6 mils thick, allowing you to maintain the sensitivity of the touchscreen display without any interference. So you can touch the screen with dirty hands and not worry about liquids or food particles damaging your device. The Triple A screen protector is easy to install and any bubbles underneath can easily be wiped to the sides. This is a dry application film so you don’t have to worry about liquids getting into the electronics underneath.

The Triple A film has Anti-glare properties

The last thing you want to endure is poor visibility of your device display while in the kitchen. Indeed, glare from overhead lights and other surfaces can be reflected off the screen and onto your eyes, making it harder to see the directions or pictures. The anti-glare matte finish on the film eliminates reflections given off by the screen.

Ordering and installation is easy

Are you ready to keep your device protected this holiday season? Order the NuShield Triple A screen protector today. NuShield films are available for over 12,000 devices, so you can be sure that your device is covered. Check here to see if your device is listed. If not, we can also cut a custom-sized film for your phone or tablet without extra charge or extra time. Order your Triple A anti-glare film now or contact us if you have any questions about our products.