This Holiday Season, Give Your Mobile Device the Gift of Safety and Security

mobile deviceShow us a friend or family member who genuinely does not want to get a new Smartphone or tablet this holiday season, and we’ll show you someone who probably isn’t being honest about their holiday wish list.

Not everyone has fallen victim to the hypnotic sway of the digital and mobile revolution. But as the years pass and mobile computing devices become more and more convenient, those people are becoming harder and harder to find.

Indeed, the look on a family member’s face as they unwrap a new Android Nexus or an iPhone 6 is truly a welcome sight to behold. Because not only do these devices provide endless hours of fun and distraction—they’ve also become practically indispensable for everyday living.

But there’s another facial expression common to all owners of mobile devices that isn’t quite so joyous at all. Nearly all of us have experienced it. It’s the look on a device owner’s face when that new phone, for instance, becomes unexpectedly damaged. You can be almost certain that somewhere in the world, at this very moment, a Smartphone is being dropped and a screen is being irreparably scratched.

If you want to avoid that experience with your own devices, or with the devices you’ll be buying loved ones this season, there’s a way to do so that is both foolproof and almost surprisingly affordable. It exists in the form of a simple NuShield screen protector, which comes with the added benefit of reducing screen glare, keeping that screen free of fingerprints and other smudges, and nearly eliminating the bacteria that is almost certainly present on the Smartphone that’s sitting in your purse or pants pocket right now. But more about that in a minute.

Protecting Mobile Devices with a NuShield Screen Protector

mobile deviceBefore we go any further, here are a few statistics, courtesy of PC magazine and a Smartphone insurance company known as Protect Your Bubble, which we hope will help you make the right choice when it comes time to choose a solution that will protect your Smartphone or tablet.

  • If you’re in the 18-to-24 age group, you are 16 percent more likely than people of other ages to crack your phone’s screen.
  • Here’s an odd one: 41% of all women who damage their phones incur that damage in the restroom.
  • And how about the men? 59% of men who damage their phones do it in the garage.

But let’s not get too carried away. The truth is that protecting your phone—or the phone or other mobile device of a friend or family member—doesn’t have to be expensive. According to a September 2014 study by SquareTrade, “damaged iPhones have cost Americans $10.7 billion since their introduction in 2007.” Doesn’t it make sense, then, to minimize the chances of mobile device damage if the solution costs less than the price of a tablet case?

NuShield Screen Protectors Make Excellent Stocking Stuffers

Along with the usual candy and dollar store afterthoughts, why not give something that they’re actually use all year round, and that will provide true, lasting protection for the mobile devices they use literally every day of the week? We’re referring, of course, to NuShield screen protectors. But what makes NuShield films so great?

The NuShield DayVue screen protector is perfect for the person who is often outdoors, or who is always on the go. This film uses a special anti-reflective coating to minimize glare, even if you happen to be wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses on a ski slope or a beach. The DayVue is a great screen protector for phones, tablets, and also for a car’s GPS screen. No more squinting at the dashboard in vain, trying to read it! The DayVue screen protector is scratch resistant, easy to apply, and works well even in direct sunlight.

If you are more of an indoor person you can reduce glare and protect your loved ones from germs with the NuShield Triple A screen protector. If someone you know and care about works in a daycare facility, a school, or a medical or dental practice, or if they’re a school-age child themselves, chances are good that they come in contact with lots of germs on a very regular basis. With kids passing devices back and forth all day long, it’s also easy enough for them to pass germs back and forth. The Triple A (which stands for antiglare, antimicrobial, and antifingerprint) screen protector boasts technology that protects from germs and cuts down on glare. And yes, protects devices from scratches—including scratches that can lead to cracks and nullify a device’s warranty.

If you’re giving an electronic device as a gift this holiday season, protecting it will be almost as important as giving it. Learn more about NuShield products by contacting us here, or go ahead and make a purchase today.