The Holiday is Over and You’re Left With a Glare

Many of us will enjoy the excitement of receiving a new tablet or smartphone as a Christmas gift this year. After receiving a new electronic device, you’re likely to spend hours fooling around with it and exploring its capabilities.

While your new gift will no doubt dazzle you with the technological marvels it offers, you might find one major drawback. Many tablets, laptops, smartphones, GPS devices, and other electronic gadgets have cumbersome glare issues that make it difficult to see what you’re doing when you use your device in certain lighting situations.NuShield Screen Protectors with Holiday Gifts

Fortunately, there’s a quick remedy to dealing with glare issues on LCD screens.

By ordering an anti glare screen protector from NuShield, you can easily get around glare problems and take advantage of drastically improved visibility on your electronic device’s display screen.

What’s more, a screen protector from NuShield could offer quite a few other benefits in addition to reducing glare.

Screen protector products from NuShield

The following are the three major screen protector products offered by NuShield. Choose the anti glare screen protector film that best suits your device and needs to immediately fix any glare issues you’re noticing with the use of your special holiday gift:

  • Antiglare film– This film works well to reduce glare in indoor environments. Thanks to the roughened surface of NuShield antiglare film, rays of light are scattered so that glare does not obstruct visibility. Another benefit of using antiglare film is protection against fingerprints and scratches.
  • DayVue film– Are you planning on using your electronic device outside? There are special challenges posed by outdoor use of LCD screens. DayVue technology handles these challenges by offering an antireflective film composed of thin layers that cancel out reflected light. Even if you are wearing polarized sunglasses, you can make out screens covered with DayVue film in situations where the device is exposed to sunlight.
  • Triple A film– The Triple A anti glare screen protector film offered by NuShield offers numerous advantages for those who use an electronic device with an LCD screen. Not only does Triple A film protect against glare, but it also includes an antimicrobial coating that kills germs and bacteria. LCD screens and touch screens come into constant contact with fingers, and that puts them at risk for serving as breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. However, Triple A film has been shown to kill 99 percent of LCD screen germs within a 24 hour period. Triple screen protector film also offers protection against scratches, fingerprints, and other physical blemishes.

Perfecting your holiday gift

If you’re expecting to receive a new electronic device as a gift in the coming weeks, you should be aware of the capabilities of NuShield’s screen protector products. Rather than dealing with any visibility drawbacks that your new tablet, smartphone, or laptop screen has, simply order the appropriate product from NuShield to remedy the issue. At NuShield, we offer screen protectors custom designed to fit any make or model of electronic device. Have a look at our ordering options to find the product that’s right for you.

For more information about NuShield products, which have been protecting electronics for 15 years, contact us today at 877-900-9192, or browse our website to get answers to your questions and order from our wide array of antireflective screen protectors for all of your devices. Drop us an email with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.