The Dirty Truth About Those High Definition TV’s On The Market

The television is the focal point of the entire family room. Most TVs in today’s market strive towards displaying the highest quality images in HD and 4K resolution. But to be able to achieve this goal, manufacturers had to eliminate the matte finish to create a high gloss display that produces ultra bright images. The glossy display, however, is a reflective agent and the glare given off by overhead lights and light coming in from windows are reflected into your eyes. This makes it challenging to see what is on the TV screen. You may find yourself having to constantly adjust your sitting position relative to the TV, or move objects around so they don’t reflect off the TV screen.

Equip your TV with a NuShield Triple A film

high definition tvsTo improve the visibility of your TV, install the NuShield Triple A film. This anti-glare film reduces reflections by restoring the matte finish on the surface of your tv and helps to dissipates harsh lights and eliminates reflected glare.

The end result is an image with more clarity and easy viewing. Although the film will slightly reduce the high quality brightness of the HD or 4K effect, you will be able to enjoy movies, football games, and other programs without having to stare at reflections on the screen. And the NuShield Triple A anti-glare film is the least hazy and highest clarity film among all the different films on the market today.

Protection against scratches and fingerprints

The NuShield Triple A film also offers excellent scratch resistance of the display. The film also reduces fingerprints and with the film installed you can simple wipe the film with a window cleaning solution to remove prints which you absolutely cannot do on a naked screen.

Installation is easy

Installing the screen protector is easy and NuShield offers film sizes to fit over 500 different TV models up to 80 inches diagonal. If you do not see your model on our website, you can e-mail us the width and height dimensions along with the manufacturer’s name and model number of your TV and we will create a film to fit your TV screen. The film uses a light tacky adhesive and bubbles can easily be pushed out using your finger, but we recommend a rubber squeegee during installation.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the NuShield Triple A screen protector film is a smart investment to reduce glare and provide protection to the television screen. Order now or contact us if you have any questions.