Is Your GPS Navigation System Hard to See in the Sunlight?

gps navigation system

It’s the epitome of the American car-lover’s dream: driving down the open highway, sun shining, and the convertible top down. As your hair blows in the breeze, you hear the robotic voice of your GPS navigation system telling you that your exit is coming up. But as you glance at the screen, you realize you can’t see the display in the glare of the sun.

gps navigation display
Unmodified photo supplied by customer of Mercedes Benz SL550, with NuShield DayVue film in place on Command Center display.

Gone are the days of struggling with enormous paper maps, or printing out pages of MapQuest directions. In recent years, GPS navigation devices have become the standard method of finding your way to a new destination.

GPS devices can come installed in the dash of your car or purchased after-market. With these systems, you can receive both audio and visual cues, effectively ensuring that you never get lost again.

LCD screens, however, are not always clearly visible in sunlight. Glare can wash out the screen, making graphics hard to see. This is true in every car (especially those with a sunroof), and worse in an open-topped convertible where there is no way to escape the bright light of the sun. Polarized sunglasses make the screen even less visible.

It’s certainly worth pointing out that distracted driving, such as squinting at and adjusting your GPS screen, puts you at a three times higher risk of getting in an accident. Does that mean you need to sacrifice your open-topped drive for safety’s sake?

NuShield’s DayVue Screen Protectors Can Help

With the NuShield DayVue line of screen protectors, screen glare can go the way of paper maps: out of your car, and out of your life. Using innovative anti-reflective technology, NuShield has created a screen protector that virtually eliminates screen glare, even outdoors.

gps navigation systemBy cancelling out the sunlight that shines onto your screen, the text and images on your GPS device will show through crisp and clear, even when your sunroof is open or your convertible’s top is down. Sunglasses will no longer reduce your display visibility, allowing you to safely reach your destination.

Along with this superior glare reduction, DayVue screen protectors will also protect your navigation device from scratches and fingerprints. This improves visibility and prolongs the life of your GPS device. For cars with a built-in GPS system, this important protection can save you thousands on leased vehicles, or raise your trade-in value. They also provide protection against harmful UV rays, which can damage your eyes and your device.

The bottom line: DayVue screen protectors will protect the investment you’ve made in your car.

Despite all this protection, NuShield screen protectors will not reduce the functionality of your LCD touchscreens. Sifting through menu options to choose your destination can sometimes be a struggle, and your DayVue screen protector will not affect the sensitivity of your screen. In fact, by protecting it against nicks and scratches, a screen protector can prolong the life of your touchscreen display!

Will Fit Any System

DayVue screen protectors come in a number of sizes, designed to perfectly fit your GPS system. You can order your screen protector through the website. If your model is not displayed, DayVue screen protectors come in cut-to-fit styles to allow you to customize it to your specific device.

NuShield offers a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with the fit or performance of your DayVue screen protector, you can return it for a full refund.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Ride

Driving with the top down on a sunny day is one of the true joys in life, but often not compatible with GPS devices. With NuShield, you don’t need to sacrifice the experience just for the sake of seeing your navigation system display. Don’t put yourself, your passengers, and other drivers at risk by squinting to see your display. Order a NuShield DayVue screen protector and eliminate harmful glare.

Now you can put the top down and go where the open road—and your GPS system—takes you.


Case Study: NuShield DayVue™ antireflective screen protector helps Mercedes owners fight glare after losing the protective coating on their Command Center displays