Flying With a Tablet? Don’t Fly With Glare

A pilot checks his tablet with ease, thanks to NuShield's DayVue antireflective film.
A pilot checks his tablet with ease, thanks to NuShield’s DayVue antireflective film.

You’re a pilot, flying at 10,000 feet. And because it is the year 2015, you’re using a tablet or a GPS device to help guide you to your destination.  You look down at your device to check for the next waypoint and the sunlight coming hits the display at just the right angle so that all you see is a big yellow dot in the middle of your screen. You can’t see anything, and you start turning and twisting the device, experimenting with different angles to see your display.

Preventing Screen Glare

In the cockpit, it’s imperative that when you glance at the display you can easily read the information, regardless of sunshine. NuShield’s DayVue antireflective film takes care of the distraction for you without you having to contort your body into uncomfortable positions. This light canceling film works like noise canceling headphones. It blocks reflected glare and provides superior scratch resistance adding to the longevity of your display.

antirelfective film
A pilot checks his tablet without the aid of NuShield DayVue screen protector film .

Pilots have relied on the NuShield DayVue screen protector film in the past to eliminate glare on their GPS instruments. Among these are the GEICO Skytyper Airshow Team, who performs high precision maneuvers and acrobatics at air shows. Some of their stunts are performed over water, making the team’s GPS equipment even more crucial. Because their cockpits are fully exposed to the sun, it’s vital that their instruments are free from glare and reflection.

The NuShield Advantage

The antireflective film NuShield DayVue anti-reflective screen protector offers you the peace of mind that you are able to read your instruments as protect it against damage along the way. The DayVue film is available for any device that has an LCD or LED display up to 80 inches diagonal. NuShield supports all of the major GPS manufacturer devices, including Adventure Pilot, Anywhere Map, Aviation Safety, Garmin, Magellan, and Northstar. We have size information for over 12,000 different devices and will be happy to create new ones – as long as you provide the measurements – with no extra charge.

If you’re ready to eject glare from your cockpit, order your NuShield DayVue film now.