NuShield helps fight the flu this season

Every year, flu season starts around November (when the weather gets cold) and it continues into February and March of the following year. The 2018 flu season is expected to be more severe than others in the past. Medical experts have detected the presence of a nasty strain of flu, the H3N3 strain, which has been linked to more severe illnesses. Children and the elderly are under greater risk.

fluIt is therefore important for you to protect yourself against the flu this season. You and your loved ones could be exposed to multiple risks while going to the store, to school, visiting public spaces or using electronic devices. In fact, electronic devices that utilize touchscreen technology are normally breeding grounds for germs. Make sure you protect these devices with the NuShield Triple A Antimicrobial screen protector.

To stay safe this flu season, following these simple practices can help:

  • Is someone has contracted the flu, avoid any close contact with them
  • Take caution to cover your nose and mouth while sneezing. The flu virus tends to be spread easily across the air
  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water often, especially before and after meals. Alcohol-based hand rubs can work as a substitute in the absence of soap and water
  • Minimize contact with your eyes, nose and mouth especially after being out in public spaces.
  • Get the flu vaccine if possible. It is estimated to be about 30% effective this year

Protecting your electronic devices

Due to advancements in technology, most people use electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, and computers on a daily basis. It is inevitable that these devices will come into contact with germs and expose you to risk during flu season. Touch screen devices are even more likely to harbor flu-spreading elements.

To protect yourself from this risk, make sure you equip your devices with the NuShield Triple A Antimicrobial film. This protective film has an antimicrobial coating that kills germs on contact and prevents them from accumulating on your device display. This means that when you use your touchscreen, you can enjoy protection against contracting germs. You can also clean the film using any household detergent and the antimicrobial properties will not diminish. And at work, talk to your office manager about installing a NuShield Triple A film on touch screens that are used by multiple employees.

Usability across multiple environments

The triple A antimicrobial film works with most touchscreen displays. The film is cut to fit any sized display, up to 80 inches diagonal. And because it uses a tacky adhesive, the film is easy to apply and remove as necessary.

Protect yourself this flu season with the NuShield Triple A Antimicrobial film. Currently, NuShield offers film sizes to fit over 12,000 different devices. Ordering is easy, and you can also contact us with any concerns.