Exercise Made Easier with NuShield

If you are one of thousands who prefer to exercise at home instead of going to a gym then you might have noticed that the digital display on your machine is a glare collector. Many cycles and treads such as Circle Fitness, Cybex, Echelon, Lifecycle, NordicTrack, and Peloton use LCD monitor displays that can run television programs, video, or stream internet. You can live chat with friends or work out together.

exerciseIf you have your machine set up near a window or overhead light source you might have found that glare interferes with seeing the display clearly. This is because the displays are made of the same material as your laptop or tv monitor that are glare magnets.

Luckily, the NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protector film works on these machines to remove glare as easily as your other electronic devices. NuShield now offers film sizes to fit the Peloton cycle and tread machines. NuShield also has film sizes to fit machines from other manufacturers. If your model is not listed on the NuShield website you can provide width and height measurements and we will create a size to fit your display. The NuShield film is easy to install because we use a silicon-based adhesive. If you ever have to remove the film, it will come up easily and the display underneath remain unharmed.

The Triple A film is available in a variety of sizes up to 80 inch diagonal, made for Smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors and televisions. NuShield also makes films to fit your car GPS displays.

To find your device visit the NuShield website and learn more about our products and technology.