Employee Appreciation Testimonials

NuShield Triple A Screen Protectors Make Perfect Employee Appreciation Gifts

Employee Appreciation Day

Looking for an appropriate gift to recognize and show appreciation for your employees? Give your employees NuShield Triple A™™ Anti-glare and anti-microbial screen protection. Your appreciation gift will reward them, as well as help them, by reducing eye strain from prolonged viewing of screen monitors.

Employee Appreciation TestimonialsWe commemorate our appreciation for employees on the first Friday in March. Show your employees how important and valuable they are on this special day. NuShield Triple A films make it easier for your employees to see their screens, and help keep germs at bay when sharing touchscreens. And, NuShield Triple A screen protectors are gifts that last.

Looking for a meaningful employee reward that doesn’t cost much?
According to Daniel Kahneman, one of the fathers of behavioral economics, money is not necessarily the best motivator. When accompanied with a heart-felt compliment, a gift of NuShield screen protection lets your employees know that “You care” about their health, comfort, and success.

According to HealthStream Research companies that effectively recognize employees’ contributions experience a three-fold return on assets. The cost of NuShield screen protectors is a small investment in the health and well-being of your staff.

Employee Appreciation Award Season

We love to celebrate in the success of great achievements. Just consider the viewership of awards ceremonies like the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Golden Globe’s, Academy of Country Music, the Tony’s, Emmy’s… and that’s just the entertainment industry. Every industry has its own awards, whether its advertising’s Clios, or Edison’s innovation awards. We humans like recognition, we like to be appreciated. It’s a morale booster and goes a long way toward enhancing performance.

Keep your Employees Engaged

According to O.C. Tanner Company, employees who receive, give, and observe recognition are six times more engaged than employees who don’t. Giving NuShield screen protectors supports innovation with these three essentials: resources, rewards, and recognition. Did you know that 76% of employees who feel appreciated feel they can take on anything?1

Great leaders make employee recognition and appreciation an on-going part of their leadership.

employee appreciation
Credit: O.C. Tanner Company

How to Purchase Triple A Screen Protectors

Purchasing Triple A screen protectors for any model or size screen is quick, simple, and easy. Click to order now, then select the screen brand, model, film type (Triple A), the quantity. Don’t see your brand or model in the drop-down selections, tell us what you need by completing our Contact form.

1 O.C. Turner Institute’s Health and Wellbeing Study