Realtors Use NuShield DayVue film on storefront window to eliminate glare

It used to be that going to a Realtors office meant browsing the many window flyers about properties in the immediate area. You could stand outside of the window, and just like at some major retail outlets, check out the wares that were being offered.

eliminate glareThis type of sales approach has been a part of the real estate scene for decades, and realty offices large or small would blanket their windows with so many flyers, that you couldn’t see inside of the window at times. this also looked unappealing.

But times are certainly changing, and many realtors are starting to push a large screen television behind the window which shows properties offered on a rotating software program.

A Picture is Worth …

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Both pictures and videos can highlight certain properties, nearly bringing them to life for the potential home buyer, and it has been proven that Realtor videos get over 400% more inquiries about properties than those Realtors without. That means that if you are not already using videos of your properties to market them, you are losing sales.

Glare and Reflection

Of course, whenever setting up a video window display, the first thing to worry about is glare and reflection. Even the best video will be spoiled if it cannot be seen properly, or worse, people will become fed up with the reflections and leave. That doesn’t do you, or your potential customers, any good.

You can try to take precautions to reduce glare, but if your storefront gets any sun during the day, there will be reflections off that glass and anything behind it will be covered in glare.

DayVue to the Rescue

However, there is a way to limit both reflection and glare and it is by installing an anti-reflective film to eliminate it. The NuShield DayVue film is the only one on the market that does the job. The film cancels out reflected glare, much like the way noise cancelling headphones block out sound. Just apply the DayVue film to the outside glass and you will be able to see through the glass without reflected glare. As a bonus, it even gives protection from potentially dangerous ultra violet rays. That makes seeing large television screens on the other side of the window easy to watch at virtually any time of day.

DayVue by NuShield

The DayVue screen protector film is made by NuShield, the foremost manufacturer of specialty films. Same film is used by Police, the Military and even Hollywood filmmakers to block out reflective glare, on LCD displays.

It is available in virtually every size, from smartphones to laptops, television screens and GPS devices. You can even get a size to custom fit your screen size no matter what it is. For window displays the NuShield film comes in a roll which measures 39 inches by any length up to 300 feet. Most window installations are usually five to six feet long and are placed three feet up from the bottom of the window area.

How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

Order online or call 215-500-6426 to purchase a film to fit your display.