NuShield DayVue Film Improves Drone Ground Controller Screen Visibility

Yuneec ST16 Drone Controller
Yuneec ST16 Drone Controller

It’s the new wave in hobby helicopters, they are called drones. They come in all shapes and sizes. The more expensive ones have a camera mounted on the drone so you can see what the drone sees in real time.

Drone Ground ControllerThese types of surveillance drones give some of the best panoramic views of the surrounding area. They can hover over places people cannot get to, like canyons, lakes and rivers, above trees, and you can survey and document the land in a way that just wasn’t possible a few years ago.

You can send a drone out and see what’s out there before you set foot into that area, or take incredible overhead pictures and video of virtually anything from the air. Drones are revolutionizing the way we see and view things, and as they become more common with more models available, you’ll be seeing more of them in the air.

Rough and Tough

These flying camera holders are, in themselves, rough and tough. They have to be since not all landings are soft and gentle. Granted, most experienced drone pilots can put their bird down on a dime, but novices aren’t that good. Then factor in such things as wind, foliage and even battery power, and sometimes a drone landing isn’t pretty.

However, the viewing screen can be susceptible to glare and all you see is the sun’s reflection on the display. The ground controller screen has to function perfectly in order to have a successful flight, and if you can’t see where you are going because of glare than your drone has just become an expensive paperweight.

Protect the Camera

Many types of drone video cameras come encased in a protective plastic container. In theory, this should protect the camera screen from damage, but as we all know, the real world doesn’t always line up with a theory. Make sure that you clean the lens area before every flight for optimum visibility and clarity.

Protect the Viewing Screen

The ground controller screen visibility is your actual link to the drone and what it is doing. You see what the drone sees, and you control it just as if you were in the drone and flying it.

This can be done in one of two ways. By an app that allows you to monitor what’s going on using your smartphone screen, or an actual video screen in the controller itself. In fact, some of the higher end drones use a video screen that is separate from the controller. It’s almost like watching a live TV show. Either way, you’ll be handling this screen, it stays with you, and if it is not protected, you’ll have to deal with glare, and potential scratches, every time you use it.

NuShield Screen Protectors

Since you have just bought into the newest technology on the market, you’ll want to protect it. That’s where the NuShield DayVue anti-reflective screen protector comes in. Case studies have proven that a NuShield screen protector is your best defense against the sun’s glare and harmful scratches that can compromise your viewing quality. And when you are talking about drone ground controller screen visibility, viewing quality is of the utmost importance between a successful flight or one that lands up in the trees.

NuShield Experience

Watch David Seda describe his experience with the NuShield DayVue screen protector by clicking the video above.  

Remember, NuShield has over 15 years of experience and is the leader in screen protection. The NuShield DayVue anti-reflective screen protector provides glare elimination, which is crucial to navigating drones and scratch protection. This is the same film that is being used currently by the U.S. military on the battlefield to allow soldiers to see their displays clearly. NuShield currently provides film sizes for over 15,000 devices, ranging from smartphones to large television displays, and everything in between, and are adding new sizes every day as new devices hit the market.

Protect your screen from scratches the NuShield way, with the best screen protectors available for your device. The film is easy to install and help to protect against scratches as well. If you are ready to order click here.