Don’t Pass Germs to Your Customers

Fall is here once again which means cold and flu season is not far behind. For restaurants and stores it can be a difficult time of year. Customers come in with all types of germs, colds and even the flu. These germs can pass from customer to server or store clerk. And the touch screens we use for order entry or credit card checkout will be full of germs that will transfer from one user to another.

don't pass germsIt would be impossible to keep these displays clean between users so there needs to be another solution to stop the spread of germs. NuShield has developed a screen protector film that kills germs on the top surface and can be cleaned with chemicals without damaging the device’s display. The NuShield Triple A Anti-microbial film  can protect any point of sale display or credit card processing device. 

The touch screens of interactive kiosk displays are also suspect to germs and several studies have shown that touch screen kiosks can be a breeding ground for multiple strains of bacteria. In fact, kiosks that are used by a large number of customers are more likely to harbor potentially harmful germs. It is, therefore, important to keep your customers safe from such health hazards.

The NuShield Triple A anti-microbial film contains an inorganic antibacterial material that eliminates germs from accumulating on the surface of the display. In laboratory tests, the film has shown to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria within a 24-hour period. This is the same screen protector that hospitals and health care facilities use on their devices to kill germs and reduce patient infection rates.

The NuShield triple A screen protector film is also easy to install on all your devices. The back of the film consists of a slightly tacky silicone adhesive that prevents air bubbles from being trapped underneath. Because the Triple A film is only 6 mm thick, it does not compromise touch functionality of your devices. This film is available in sizes to fit over 15,000 different devices. You can check here to see if your equipment is listed. If not, contact us so we can create the right-size film for your devices.

Are you ready to protect your customers from germs and bacteria? Order the Triple A antimicrobial film today.