NuShield Helps View The Display Screen On Your Camera On Sunny Days

As the weather begins to cool off, everyone is rushing to engage in fall sports and other outdoor activities before winter arrives. Many are capturing memorable moments on their cameras, phones, and camcorders. Whether you’re trying to take pictures while out on a trail, your son’s first touchdown, your daughter’s first goal or the Halloween decorations on your front yard, the glare from the sun reflecting on the camera’s display screen can interfere with your ability to take excellent photos.

display screen display screenDealing with the challenge of taking pictures in sunlight

If you have attempted to capture pictures in the presence of direct sunlight, then you can probably relate to the challenge that is involved. The glare from the sun often falls on the display of your device and is reflected onto your eyes. This gives off annoying reflections that reduce the visibility of your screen.

Adjusting the brightness of the display

A common practice is to increase the brightness of your display in order to see what is on the screen despite the reflections. A higher-brightness can sometimes reduce annoying reflections on the display.


Another fix most photographers use is to shield the display from sunlight. This can involve using your hand to cover the screen, or installing a shade that prevents the rays of the sun from landing on the display. While this sometimes works, it can also make it cumbersome to operate the camera and take great-pictures.

You can also attempt to reduce sunlight interference by adjusting your positioning relative to the sun.

The NuShield DayVue Screen Protector reduces glare from the sun

If you want to take excellent pictures in direct sunlight, install the NuShield DayVue screen protector on your device display. This antireflective film is effective at canceling out reflected light while allowing transmitted-light to go through. This means that reflected light from the screen and other surrounding surfaces of the device is greatly reduced.

Are you wearing sunglasses while taking pictures?

In most cases, viewing your device-display while wearing sunglasses leads to reduced visibility. However, the DayVue film allows you to maintain a clear view of your camera’s screen even while wearing polarized sunglasses.

The film has carefully chosen indexes of refraction that minimize the blue end of the light spectrum. This leads to improved visibility as you continue to wear sunglasses.

Easy to install

Need a NuShield DayVue screen protector on your device? Installation is a quick and easy process. The film uses a light, tacky adhesive, making it simple to apply and remove. It is also durable-and-offers excellent scratch resistance.

Fits multiple devices

NuShield has created a Cut to Fit Kit which consists of two films with 4.3 inch diagonal size, paper template and cleaning wipes. Most cameras are smaller or equal to this size. If your camera is smaller than the film, just use the template to draw the size of the screen and tape it to the bottom of the film. Then cut the film along the line with sharp scissors or Exacto knife.

You can order this Cut to Fit kit on this page, or contact us today for answers to your queries.