Dining Outdoors Can Be a Hassle for Your Waiter

A summer day is a wonderful time to sit outside to have drinks with friends or enjoy a meal. Restaurants, large and small, have added outdoor dining areas on the sidewalk with umbrellas. You will also notice that many restaurants also adopted electronic handheld ordering systems for the waiter to take your order and also accept payment if paying by credit card. A wireless POS system, such as Micros, TouchBistro, Boxy POS, BIM POS, ShopKeep, Toast or eZeeBurrp, make it easier for servers to take orders and them directly to the kitchen, speeding up service and the delivery of your food. All a restaurant needs is a WiFi network throughout its building, and communication between the kitchen and the front of the house is easy.

But there’s a problem with most wireless POS devices’ screens: they reflect the light back into the user’s eyes, in the form of glare. This is inconvenient indoors, but on a beautiful patio on a sunny day, this can render the device nearly unusable. Wait staff and customers will be frustrated by painful light reflecting into their eyes. However, there’s a simple solution. By installing an anti-glare screen protector such as NuShield’s DayVue film on the POS device, glare can be easily eliminated. The wireless POS display will also be protected against scratches, scrapes, drops and cracks during a busy workday.

dining outdoors

NuShield Screen Protectors

Both the DayVue and Triple A screen protectors come pre-cut in a variety of sizes, so it’ll fit perfectly to the display of the wireless POS tablet. Just peel it off the protecting liner, then smooth it over the screen. It’ll stay firmly affixed but can be peeled off whenever necessary. And because it’s such a thin film, the wireless POS tablet will retain all its touch screen functionality.

The DayVue film works in direct sunlight outdoors while the Triple A film is best indoors or in shaded areas like under umbrellas. The Triple A film also has an anti-bacterial feature which kills germs on the film surface, preventing germs to pass between users.

Protecting these expensive POS devices, the wait staff and the customer is easy with NuShield. As more restaurants employ these POS devices, the need for NuShield films becomes even greater.

Contact NuShield Inc. for the best anti-glare screen protector made. NuShield has been a leader in screen protection for over 21 years and has been providing glare elimination and screen protection for the most unique applications. We currently provide film sizes for over 15,000 devices and we create new ones every day. Can we make one for your device?