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Restaurants Protect their Digital Menus and Patrons with NuShield Triple-A Anti-microbial Screen Protectors

Technology is taking the restaurant industry by storm and the larger percentage of diners agree that it actually improves their guest experience. Global fast food chains like McDonald’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebees and Red Robin, for instance, are using technology as a fast and convenient way of ordering food. Digital menus are the next big thing and by the convenience and efficiency they are already providing in restaurants, one can tell that they are here to stay.

The Benefits of Digital Menus

  1. Constant Updating Unlike printed menus, you can easily update digital menus anytime in a matter of minutes. If the restaurant has many different selections throughout the day or the week, you can easily schedule them for the relevant services at anytime. If you introduce new meals of new drinks in your restaurant you will not have to print new menus. With digital side-table menus, you can add any new meals or drinks you have.
  2. Convenience– Paper menus and posters need to be put up and brought down but with digital menus, you and your customers will have control over the content and this will save you time. Customers don’t need to wait for the patrons to bring them the menus and they don’t have to wait for them a second round for the order. They can order and pay from their seats.
  3. Saving the planet Going digital means doing away with the paper menus and posters. In addition to that, you will save on a lot of costs from printing, delivery and even disposal.
  4. Promotions With digital side-table menus, you can easily showcase your promotions and offers to your customers while they wait. This means that they will be entertained while they wait and it might entice them to come back again.
  5. Ease of making payments Customers would love to have the convenience of making payments on their menus, which is now possible with the digital menus. The digital side-table menus can process credit cards payments and the customers don’t have to wait for check once they are done.
  6. Protection from germs and bacteria With digital menus, you can use antimicrobial screen protectors that prevent bacterial growth from touch screens. These screen protectors will protect both the staff and the customers from bacteria that could turn into critical issues.

The Top Benefits of Having NuShield Anti-microbial Screen Protection

One of the easiest ways to prevent germs and microbes from proliferating through our restaurants is by using NuShield Triple-A screen protectors for the digital menus, computer screens and any other digital devices you use. The NuShield Triple-A film is used in numerous other locations such as hospitals and offices due to its ability to kill germs on digital devices that are used by many people.

This film was designed specifically to eradicate germs, microbes, and bacteria on screen surfaces touched by multiple people. This makes it the best screen protector restaurant can use on their digital menus because restaurants are frequented by numerous people every day. These screen protectors will not only protect the patrons but the customers as well making the restaurant a healthier and more productive environment.

The Triple-A is a powerful weapon to fight germs and has already been proven to reduce the amount of any given type of bacteria by 99% in just 24 hours. It does not lose its effectiveness when cleaned, even with strong chemical agents making it one of the most reliable screen protectors on the market.

How Restaurants Can Order Anti-Microbial Triple-A Screen Protectors for Their Digital Menus

NuShield offers films to fit numerous POS terminal and digital menu devices. Just go to the NuShield website and select the manufacturer of the device, then look for the model number. If your model is not listed you can use the Contact Us form to send in the screen measurements and NuShield will create a film size to fit your display.