How NuShield’s DayVue Helps PGA Pros Analyze Golf Swings

A tablet display without NuShield protection

There’s a science to golf, just like there is to any sport.

And as with most sciences, the discipline of swinging a golf club is one that’s aided by advances in technology. With a camera or a tablet or a Smartphone at the driving range, you have a visual interpretation of your swing.

But those visual aids are only useful as long as you can see the screen. Sunlight reflected off an LCD screen can force golfers and instructors into the shade to review their swings, thus disrupting the lesson.

To combat this problem, the Professional Golf Association of America — commonly known as the PGA  — has turned to NuShield to find a solution that allows tablets, Smartphones, and other mobile computing devices to be better visual teaching tools.

NuShield recommended its DayVue antireflective film, which has been designed specifically for use outdoors on LCD, LED, and plasma screens. DayVue cancels out sun glare and allows the display to be seen either with the naked eye or while wearing polarized sunglasses. The film comes with a tacky rubberized backing for easy installation, and the top surface can be easily wiped off. It allows you to remove dirt and fingerprints without harming the film or the display.

NuShield is made of an ultra-thin, durable plastic manufactured using a patented technology that gives the device extended protection against dust, scratches and gouges. The film is designed to work with LCD screens for an extended time period without distorting the image.

PGA Uses NuShield On and Off the Course

A tablet with NuShield’s DayVue protection

NuShield DayVue film can fit devices as small as an iPhone or camera, or as large as an 80-inch diagonal TV screen.

In addition to lessons on the course, the NuShield DayVue film has also been used on electronic check-in and information systems at the Masters Tournament, as well as on handheld scoring devices at golf tournaments.

Some courses with GPS-enabled golf carts have started to install the DayVue film to enable golfers to see the screen even in covered carts, because golfers wearing polarized sunglasses had to remove them in order to read the display.

The PGA instructors who purchased the NuShield DayVue film were completely satisfied with the way the film functions, and by how it allows the displays on their devices to be visible outdoors. Students now get instant feedback and make immediate corrections to their golf swings.

NuShield Cuts Down on Reflection

NuShield’s anti-reflection films are the leading solution to eliminate the problem of bright light blocking the view on an electronic device. With a minimal reduction in the screen’s brightness, the NuShield solution eliminates reflections and minimizes glare from the sun

NuShield is available for more than 12,000 different devices that have LCD, LED, or plasma displays, up to an 80-inch diagonal screen. If we don’t already list your device on our website, NuShield will create a new film size to fit your device, without any extra cost. You can learn more about DayVue films, or if you’re ready, purchase our product to provide protection for your devices.