Cruise Ships Use NuShield Triple A film to Eliminate Germs

If you have taken a cruise in the past 10 years you probably noticed that the staff is paying closer attention to eliminating germs aboard ship. It’s not because there are more germs, but because we are more aware of them and what they can do.

cruise shipsLet’s face it, a cruise ship is like a laboratory beaker of germs. Passengers and crew come aboard bringing germs with them. Some day there might be a way to disinfect every person and luggage that is brought aboard prior to sailing, but not yet.

Earlier this year, a Royal Caribbean ship had to return to port early because about 300 passengers came down with gastrointestinal illness. Other ships have had incidents with norovirus outbreaks. But there are ways to keep disease from spreading while at sea, including having guests wash their hands regularly, providing anti-microbial hand sanitizers at the door to food service areas and keep guests away from areas where people have gotten sick.

Another great germ fighting measure is to install the NuShield Triple A anti-microbial screen protector film on the displays of devices around the ship. Whether it is touch screen displays for guests or devices used by the staff such as time clocks, these displays can be a germ farm. Cleaning them with caustic liquids can damage the display screen which can be very expensive to replace.

The NuShield screen protector film was designed to wipe out microbes, germs, and bacteria on the display surfaces of commonly used electronic devices in health care facilities, which means it can withstand the challenge posed by a cruise ship. The Triple A film can be cleaned with solvents, bleach, rubbing alcohol, and other disinfectants, without losing any of its anti-microbial properties.

And if glare from the artificial lights in the interior of the ships is causing headaches, the anti-glare property of the Triple A film is the best option for reducing glare on anything from large television screens to computer monitors.

The Triple A film can be sized to fit any electronic display up to 80 inches diagonal. It uses a low-tack adhesive to grip the screen’s surface. The anti-glare feature diffuses glare from overhead lights—or light coming in through the windows—and allows users to clearly read the display indoors.

And if you plan to be a passenger aboard ship then you should install the Triple A film on your Smartphone, tablet or laptop you plan to take with you to prevent germs populating your display.

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