Protect Your Eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome with NuShield Triple A Anti-glare Films

Think about all the ways you put your eyes to work during the day. From the first moment you wake up to the last moment before you go to sleep, your eyes are your guide to the world around you. They help you work through the basics—reading the clock when the alarm goes off, checking labels on food you’ll eat for breakfast, knowing when it’s safe to cross a street. And they also help with more complex tasks—reading reports at work, for example, or absorbing a piece of literature that you’re in love with.

But the modern world is putting demands on our eyes in never-before-seen ways. That’s because the advent of digital additions to our lives—computers, smart phones, tablets—requires our vision in ever-more-demanding and all-consuming fashions. That strain has led to an official diagnosis, called computer vision syndrome, that actually affects up to 10 million people every year.

Even if you don’t visit an eye doctor about changed in your vision due to digital screens, there’s a likelihood that those devices are affecting you. In fact, up to 90 percent of all people suffer symptoms of the syndrome, even as we ask our eyes to do more and more—use multiple devices at once, for example.

Your eyes can feel that strain in lots of different ways. They may feel tired or your vision might get blurry. Or it can manifest itself as headaches or an achy, sore neck. Those affects are most profound in people under the age of 30, and for good reason: About two-thirds of those in their 30s spend about a fourth of their day on digital devices. If it’s not treated, eye strain can do more than cause tired eyes—it can affect productivity at work, or lead to long-term degeneration of the eye with diseases such as macular degeneration or cataracts.

There are things that happen during the work day that we already control, that we can turn around in order to make our eyes less strained. Those include reducing glare when possible, or increasing the distance between us and screens. Increasing the size of what we read, or even allowing for regular breaks in computer screen time—all of those strategies can help. Employers can provide education so that workers know the risks inherent in some of these eye-straining practices, too.

Other ideas include adjusting the light to reduce glare and to provide the optimal level of brightness when working on screens. If eyes are feeling dry, giving them a boost with drops or a better-positioned monitor may help. Even just looking away for a mere 20 seconds after 20 minutes of work is helpful. And of course, regular visits to an eye-care professional can help identify problems and provide solutions before the damage is irreversible.

Reduce Screen Glare with NuShield Triple A™ Antiglare Films

NuShield’s Triple A antiglare films have a roughened surface, scattering reflected glare thereby minimizing its effects. The antiglare property prevents the transmission or reflection of 99% UVB ultra violet light from reaching the user’s eyes.

These antiglare, antimicrobial, and anti-fingerprint film provides excellent screen visibility and protection against germ growth on electronic displays.  The film can be cleaned with disinfectants and solvents. The antiglare feature diffuses glare from overhead lights and allows users to clearly read the display indoors.

Why NuShield Triple A Films are the Preferred Anti-Glare Solution

  • Triple A films protect against indoor screen glare from overhead light and sunlight
  • Triple A films filter out 99% of UVB light for UV protection
  • Delivers longer lasting scratch resistance than any other similar product
  • Hides fingerprints and is easy to clean
  • The film’s antimicrobial properties eliminate contamination created by multiple users
  • Installs easily, easy to remove
  • Provides excellent scratch resistance, lower haze and improved anti-Newton ring optical performance
  • Prevents damage from repetitive writing, scratching or tapping
  • Super-thin writing surface gives pleasant feel and excellent character recognition
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance to protect the LCD screen
  • Increases the life of your LCD display screen and avoids expensive screen replacements
  • Used in the most severe environments to protect devices in commercial, industrial, military and government settings

Want to take better care of your eye health? Use the tips and ideas in this infographic to help identify how digital devices are straining your eyes, and what you can do.

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How to Protect Your Eyes in the Digital Age


How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

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