Protect Your Eyes From Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome refers to a collection of eye and vision-related problems that arise from prolonged exposure to digital-displays. Because the average American worker spends 7-hours a day in front of a computer screen, many people are at risk of CVS. In addition, poor lighting conditions and the glare given off by the screen also contribute to the strain and irritation in the eyes that characterize CVS.

computer vision syndromeWhile there is no proven relation between computer usage and long-term eye damage, CVS leads to discomfort and eye strain, causing you to become less productive. You will often find yourself only able to focus on what is on your screen for short periods of time. To avoid this situation, you should take steps to protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome.

Adjusting the settings on your device

Be sure to use the right display settings as you utilize your device. Set the brightness to be at the level of other surrounding light sources to prevent your eyes from straining. The text size should also be large enough for convenient viewing, and the color temperature should not be oversaturated.

Maintain a proper distance

Your computer screen should be positioned slightly below eye level, and at a distance of about 25 inches from your face. Make sure you also maintain an upright posture when using your devices.

Reduce glare

One of the most effective ways of combating CVS is by reducing the glare given off by your screen. Light from nearby or overhead sources can cast a glare onto the screen and your eyes, causing irritation. In order to protect your eyes, equip your devices with the NuShield Triple A antiglare film. This protective film contains an antiglare matte finish that scatters reflected light from the display. The slightly rough surface of the film scatters reflected light in different directions, improving the visibility of your devices. The reduced glare makes viewing the display easy even under direct indoor light sources. In addition, the Triple A film also reduces the mirror-like reflected images on the screen, making it easier to view the display from multiple angles.

Protecting your device display

The NuShield Triple A film is also very durable and resistant to scratches and constant tapping. Computer monitors and touchscreen devices will, therefore, be less likely to experience damages.

Installing the Triple A antiglare film is a quick and easy process. It uses a low-tack rubber backing instead of an adhesive, meaning that application doesn’t leave residues on the display.

Available for many different devices

Don’t wait to equip your devices with the Nushield Triple A film. The symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome are real, and you should take steps to protect your eyes. The Triple A antiglare film can be cut to fit displays of any size, up to 80 inches across. We support many different computer monitors in the market today, and can also cater to displays of custom sizes.

Follow our simple 5-step ordering process to receive your Triple A films, or contact us today if you have any inquiries about our product.