NuShield Helps Churches Eliminate Glare on Television Screens

If you attend a large church you probably used to seeing large television monitors spread throughout the sanctuary. As churches get bigger, more and more are tapping into the power of large screens that help the congregation follow the proceedings up front. Especially in churches that hold over 1,000 members.

churches eliminate glareBut glare from overhead lights can wash out the image. If this is an issue in your church, here is a simple solution that you should bring to the attention of the committee in charge of these video broadcasts. The NuShield Triple A film has been designed to eliminate the glare and diffuse the sharp images on the screen. It can be easily applied to the display while providing the high-quality content your members deserve.

This same film also works to eliminate glare if you have a television placed in the lobby as a message board to inform the members about upcoming activities. The Triple A film becomes even more important if you use an interactive touch display because the anti-bacterial property of the film will kill germs on the display’s surface that might be passed from one person to another.

How the NuShield Triple A Film Works

This remarkable creation makes use of a special adhesive made of silicone rubber. This low-tack silicone holds the film to the screen. Air bubbles can easily be pushed out. Apply the film and say good bye to glare. If you need to remove the film for any reason, it will come off easily without leaving any residue on the screen. All it takes is a couple minutes or less to place the NuShield Triple A Film on your screen. The Triple A film can be cleaned easily with most cleaning liquids without harming either the screen or the film.  The NuShield Triple A Film benefits your congregation as well as your church administrators.

How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

Order online or call 215 500-6426 to purchase a film to fit your display.