Is Glare Ruining Your Church Service?

Technology continues its expansion into more and more facets of our life. Even churches are increasingly beginning to turn towards electronic communications for help in spreading their message. Emails and social media, for instance, help keep the flock up to date about the church community. But the latest trend is using large television screens that replace traditional bulletin boards.  This allows more information to be conveyed using colorful displays and PowerPoint presentations to members.

church service Larger churches have decided to install television monitors throughout the sanctuary so that parishioners sitting towards the back still have a good view of the pastor and the pulpit area. These monitors are also used to enhance sermons with images and other information, such as Bible passages, graphics, and videos. Others have installed electronic Hymn Boards. However, natural and artificial light causes screen glare, which makes it hard to see the screen.

These LCD screens are strongly affected by sunlight, which can impede the goal of spreading information via this form of technology. When placed near windows or artificial light sources, the glare can make the screen literally impossible to read. Without fixing this problem, the effectiveness is drastically reduced, making a church’s investment in this technology significantly less valuable.

Fortunately, NuShield offers a surprisingly affordable and easily installable product that drastically reduces screen glare, improving visibility from literally every angle. The Triple A anti-glare screen protector film comes in a variety of sizes, from Smartphones all the way up to 80 inch diagonal televisions. The low-tack, easy-to-apply adhesive backing is easy to install and will not damage the screen. Once installed, the display will be visible without glare.

For televisions used as bulletin boards with interactive touch software, the film also hides fingerprints and the anti-microbial coating kills germs so that the display only spreads information and not germs. The Triple A film can be cleaned with glass cleaner or other fluids not recommended for the plain LCD display without damaging the screen or film, and without reducing the antimicrobial effect in the process.

You can learn more about the technology behind the Triple A film or you can go to the Order Now page to find the film size that fits your television screen. NuShield currently supports over 500 different television models, but if you do not see your particular model in our drop down menu, NuShield will work with you to create a new size to fit your TV at no extra cost.  Most orders are shipped in 48 hours.