Use Cell Phone Calendar Apps to Schedule Your Life? Try NuShield

Cell Phone Calendar AppsIt wakes you up in the morning, reminds you of your meeting in the afternoon, and your daughter’s soccer game in the evening. Your entire life is in your Smartphone, and without it you’d be lost (and late for everything).

Are you taking the right precautions to protect your mobile device?

Calendars & More

With apps such as Evernote, To-Doist, and others, keeping track of your calendar is as simple as a few screen taps. You can set reminders for appointments and meetings, to pick up milk on your way home, and to say happy birthday to your mother.

Cell Phone Calendar Apps

Mobile devices have replaced the need for paper calendars and planners, allowing you to sync your schedule across multiple devices. Calendar sharing options help eliminate the frustrating and embarrassing need to repeatedly reschedule an appointment due to scheduling conflicts. At a glance you can see your meetings at work, what your family has planned, and your social obligations all on the same screen.

For many people, these mobile calendars have become a lifeline, keeping them on time and up-to-date with business and personal activities. If this data was inaccessible—even temporarily—who knows what events might be missed? At best, it would be an inconvenience. At worst, it could cost you your job.

When you rely on your Smartphone to keep you on track it needs to be treated with care.

Wear & Tear

Frequent and repetitive use, such as scheduling multiple activities each day, can reduce the life of your mobile device. As you take out and put your phone away, you’re risking scratching the screen. Smartphones can slip out of pockets and purses, fall off counters, or otherwise find themselves falling to the floor, cracking the screen and leaving you without a phone. Repairs and replacements are expensive and time-consuming.

While using your mobile device for scheduling is convenient, it takes quite a few finger swipes and taps to choose the day, time, and reminder notice, and to enter a description. All these swipes leave fingerprints, which is unattractive and can harm your screen over time. With frequent use, the oils from your hands build up in microscopic cracks and scratches, making your screen stained and less responsive. These scratches also provide a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Protect Your Device with NuShield

If you rely on your Smartphone to schedule your life, you need to protect it.

Cell Phone Calendar Apps

NuShield screen protectors offer superior protection against scratches and fingerprints, prolonging the life of your mobile device. Every NuShield screen protector is guaranteed to be easy to apply and easy to remove, without leaving residue behind. NuShield offers a 100% money back guarantee, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Germs, fingerprints, and scratches are no match for the Triple A screen protector. These products combine scratch, fingerprint, and glare protection with an antimicrobial coating for the full range of Smartphone protection. The super-thin writing surface has a pleasant feel and will not reduce the responsiveness of your device’s display.  NuShield Triple A screen protectors come in a variety of sizes suitable for all devices.

NuShield DayVue screen protectors provide longer-lasting scratch protection than other similar products. DayVue screen protectors are ideal for the user on the go, with anti-reflective technology that filters out sun glare, allowing you to easily read your screen in any light, even when you are wearing sunglasses. This innovative product will allow you to keep up with your appointments whether you’re in the office or watching your son’s baseball game, while protecting your screen against scratches and fingerprints.

Whether you’re a soccer mom or a corporate executive (or both!), chances are you rely on your mobile device to keep track of your busy life. Don’t let scratches, cracks, and screen erosion interrupt your life.  Protecting your phone with NuShield screen protectors is an easy, affordable way to extend the life of your mobile device. And NuShield films are also available to protect your other devices such as tablets, laptops and desk monitors. Click here to order today.