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Five Fun Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day with NuShield Triple A Antiglare Screen Protectors

Not satisfied with standard printed Valentine cards? Want to make your Valentine message more personal and more relevant? Exchanging photos of special times, adventures, and happy times in photo collages, photo albums, Facebook and Instagram photos can be far more moving than giving a generic purchased cards. Continue reading Five Fun Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day with NuShield Triple A Antiglare Screen Protectors

Rio 2016: The Olympics are better with NuShield screen protected cameras, phones, and ticket scanners

The 2016 Summer Olympics are less than a month away. People from around the world will be flying into Rio de Janeiro for the chance to see world-class athletes compete across over 300 events. Sports fans and reporters are gearing up for just over two weeks solid of sports.

Continue reading Rio 2016: The Olympics are better with NuShield screen protected cameras, phones, and ticket scanners

NuShield DayVue Film Improves Drone Ground Controller Screen Visibility

Yuneec ST16 Drone Controller
Yuneec ST16 Drone Controller

It’s the new wave in hobby helicopters, they are called drones. They come in all shapes and sizes. The more expensive ones have a camera mounted on the drone so you can see what the drone sees in real time.

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Don’t Let LCD Sunlight Reflection Prevent You From Catching Your Child’s Homeruns in Video and Photos

We’ve all been there. You line up the perfect angle to capture your child’s appearance at the plate, on the field or tennis court and the sun’s reflection ruins your shot. Thanks to NuShield’s anti-reflective film, DayVue, you’ll no longer have to struggle with the sun’s reflection on your camera. No more LCD sunlight reflection! Continue reading Don’t Let LCD Sunlight Reflection Prevent You From Catching Your Child’s Homeruns in Video and Photos

Improve your Camcorders LCD screen with NuShield

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to record a memorable event on your camcorder – but there is so much glare reflected back from the LCD screen that it completely washes out the screen image. Camcorders are costly and it’s truly annoying when this happens. You might mistakenly believe you need to purchase a different brand or model camcorderto fix the problem, when all you need is a quick fix to improve your LCD screen and make videotaping a pleasure instead of a chore.

An anti-reflective screen for camcorders is the solution to your screen situation. When Protect Camcorders LCD screen with NuShield DayVue Anti-Reflective screen protectoryou’re outside and the sun is making it hard to see your LCD screen, this can make it hard for you to record good video. Stop missing those sporting events and videos of your kids playing outside with the NuShield DayVue Anti-Reflective screen protector that cuts the reflections from your LCD screen and makes it easy for you to see the action while filming.

Many camcorder screens go dim when you’re filming outside, making it practically impossible to see what you’re recording, a problem also resolved with the NuShield DayVue. This anti-reflective film also protects your screen from scratches and damage, and is available to fit any size LCD screen and work with any camcorder model. The NuShield film protects your expensive LCD screen, resists scratches, and filters out 99% of UV light so you can easily see what you’re recording.

This same film also works in the dark at your child’s band concert, a rock show, or a play where the combination of darkness and stage lights is making it impossible for you to see your LCD screen.

The NuShield antireflective film not only cuts the glare and improves clarity, but serves as a protector for your screen. Replacing an LCD screen is costly, but when you use NuShield screens, you protect your investment and minimize the chances of having to replace your LCD screen due to scratches or other damage.

NuShield offers a 4.3″ diagonal Cut-to-Fit film kit that covers almost all cameras and recorders as well as handheld GPS devices on the market today.  It is easy to use and the protectors install in seconds, don’t leave any residue, and easy to keep clean. Just use the paper template to mark the size of film you need to cut, then with a pair of sharp scissors trim the film to the size you need.

For more information about NuShield products, which have been protecting electronics for 15 years, contact us today at 877-900-9192, or browse our website to get answers to your questions and order from our wide array of antireflective screen protectors for all of your devices. Drop us an email with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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NuShield Anti-Reflective Glare Protection for Your Camera

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Image reflections on the viewfinder of a digital camera is a phenomenon that becomes the bane of a photographer’s existence when shooting where there are a lot of bright lights or outside in the sun. To combat this problem, you can get your camera, a pair of sunglasses, figuratively speaking, and the NuShield® DayVue™ Antireflective Screen Protector Film that is particularly good at reducing image glare.

What Causes Screen Reflections

NuShield Anti-Reflective Camera Filters
Anti-Reflective Filter for Camera Viewfinder

Both the sun and any reflective object in the view can cause glare. When the sunlight hits a reflective object at a certain angle – a reflective angle – it reflects into the camera viewfinder. Void this by either edging the objects away from the camera or fitting a NuShield DayVue camera glare filter to the viewfinder.

The Challenges of Bright Sun

Photographers often have to shoot out in the sun. Picnics or graduation ceremony, Easter egg hunt or beach weddings — most of these occasions demand a photographer to take their camera and click photos in locations that have the lot of sunlight. Although it works in reducing glare, hiding the sun behind a tree is not always possible. For example, while taking pictures on a beach, the photographer will be hard pressed to find a shady tree. Using a NuShield DayVue camera anti-reflective filter on the viewfinder of the camera solves these problems.

NuShield DayVue Anti-Reflective Screen Protector

The NuShield DayVue screen protector adheres to the surface of the display to reduce reflections. With this protective film, you are able to compose the shot and see the result, even if you are wearing polarized sunglasses. The DayVue anti-reflective filter can also be adhered to surfaces of any other electronic device like the LCD display of a Smartphone, laptop, tablet and so on which helps you read these gadgets in bright sunlight without a problem.

The Advantages of Using NuShield DayVue Anti-Reflectives

NuShield Anti-Reflective video camcorder Filters
Anti-Reflective Filter for Video Camcorder Viewfinder

NuShield DayVue is complete with scratch resistance that protects the screen from damage. It uses low tack adhesive to adhere to the surfaces, so when it is removed, no residue is left behind. The light cancelling technology helps to read the displays.

And DayVue films improve the visibility of camera display whether your sunglasses are on or off. Photographers no longer need to interrupt the flow of shooting to adjust sunglasses. The photographer’s eye adjustments to light can be a huge nuisance if the camera is not equipped with an anti-reflective camera filter on the viewfinder.

Customers who used NuShield DayVue camera anti-reflective filters rave about the product. Tom Pepper from Jackson, MI says that NuShield DayVue is, “an amazing improvement in viewing quality”. According to Wesley Howard of Portland, OR, NuShield DayVue is the “best screen protector in the world”. Many happy customers have lauded their customer supported and quick responding customer care staff, too.

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