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Thank You To Those Who Serve

We recently commemorated the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, also known as Veterans Day, which ended World War I in 1918. Veteran’s Day is different than Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is for remembering and honoring military personnel who dies in the service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of a wound sustained in battle. Veterans Day is intended to thank all those who honorably served in the military – in war time or peace time.

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U.S. Military Relies On NuShield

Long gone are the days when troops stormed beaches without reliable information about enemy positions and capabilities. Today, our military relies on extensive information on the battlefield which helps to limit casualties and insures superiority on land, at sea and in the air.

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Fighting ISIS on the battlefield with NuShield DayVue Protected Devices

Using your laptop or tablet while sitting at home you don’t usually worry about the reflective sun glare on your display.

But what if you were out in the desert, or other hostile territory, on the trail of ISIS, where there is little or no shade, trying to coordinate military forces or logistics with the sun beating down on you from above? While there are laptops and tablets that have been built for these specific situations, they still do not perform as well when the user wears polarized sunglasses. You may get rid of the glare, but the darkening effect of the glasses would limit your vision of the screen in front of you. It almost seems like a no-win situation.

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Why Your Military-Grade Laptops Need Mil-Spec Screen Protectors

If you’re at all familiar with the electronic devices used in the field today by various branches of the U.S. military, you’re probably also familiar with the concept of military-grade laptops or military-spec consumer electronic devices.

Military-Grade Laptops and Tablets

military-grade laptopThe Panasonic Toughbook, for instance, is probably the best-known of the military-grade laptops used by our fighting forces.

Dell makes a particularly rugged notebook computer known as the Latitude E6420 XFR that’s built inside a magnesium-alloy ballistic armor-protected chassis. Continue reading Why Your Military-Grade Laptops Need Mil-Spec Screen Protectors

Combat Proven NuShield® DayVue™ Anti-Reflective Rugged Screen Protector

Much of the work done by the armed forces is done outside under the harshest conditions. Our field warriors need to see their electronic monitors and screens under bright sunlight quickly and easily, while traveling through unpaved, sandy, dusty, rock, debris and pot hole strewn roads. Sailors also need clear visibility of their navigating equipment even when exposed to bright sun, rain and salt water splashes. Lives depend on the clarity and visibility their rugged screen protector.

Battlefield Monitors
Battlefield Monitors with NuShield DayVue Anti Reflective Screen Protection

For these rugged applications, the United States Armed Forces rely on the NuShield® DayVue™ protectors to shield battlefield screens from reflections and glare. DayVue Anti-reflective films provide clear views of the screen’s image in bright sunlight and protect electronic devices from mechanical injuries by reducing scratches and chemical damages.

The NuShield DayVue screen protector also allows the user to wear polarized sunglasses and still see the screen. This allows the soldier to keep his glasses on while looking at the display.

Rugged Screen Protector Chosen by the US Defense Department

Manufacturers of several electronic devices use DayVue films to meet the visibility stringent requirement of the US defense department. DayVue screen protectors used on monitors and control combat missions on both land and sea include:

  • Military field laptops
  • GPS type devices with touch sensors
  • Handheld communications tools with LCD displays and touch screens

The NuShield protective film reduces screen damage and increases the device’s longevity by reducing damage due to repetitive touching, tapping and scratching. NuShield films are resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Finger smudges created by our dirty, sweaty, sebaceous fingers can be easily cleaned off the surface by wiping with a cloth.

DayVue Anti-Reflective Screen Protector

Some warriors face scorching battlefield’s, with the sun bearing down on them. In this bright daylight, it would be difficult to take readings from a monitor if not for the DayVue film technology. The DayVue screen protective film filters out about 99 percent of the UVB light. Scratches to the monitors are kept to a minimum, despite the ever-present sand and dust in theaters of war such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

As often happens in technologies used to solve military problems, these technologies find widespread usage in industry and are enthusiastically adopted by consumers. Digital cameras, GPS, antibiotics, canned food, ambulances, safety razors, microwave ovens all provided great military value and became widely adopted throughout the world.

History repeats again. The NuShield technology that allows the war warrior to see their electronic displays in the brightest sunlight is available to the rest of us who can now enjoy reading our magazines, newspapers, books, on our electronic devices while lying on the beach or lounging poolside or lakeside.

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