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6 Things You’ll Probably Want to Buy For Your First Car

You just bought your first car, and the feeling is out of this world. The excitement that comes with your very first car can be tremendous. The fuss of visiting a car dealership is worth the ecstasy that comes with taking your first car out for a ride. 

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NASCAR Restarts 2020 Racing Season

The 2020 NASCAR Season revved up again on May 17 at Darlington Raceway with a star-studded lineup of drivers.

We congratulate Kevin Harvick who won the race with the NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protector on board. This is the fifth year that the Stewart-Haas team is using the NuShield Triple A film to eliminate glare from the McClaren Digital Race Dash instrument panel. Just like you, racecar drivers need to maintain a clear view of the road and their digital instrument panel. They also fight sun glare coming in from the side windows and reflecting onto the panel during the day. When you are driving in excess of 170 mph you only have time to quickly glance at the display. Continue reading NASCAR Restarts 2020 Racing Season

Are Sun Glare Related Accidents Under-Reported?

By Jane Graham

Sun glare is responsible for just a few hundred auto accidents every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The AAA, on the other hand, argues that sun glare is a contributing factor to thousands of accidents annually. Either way, there’s no denying that the GPS navigation system in your car on a sunny day significantly increases your chances of being involved in an accident. But are these systems combined with the sun really to blame for numerous auto accidents on America’s roads each year?

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Geico Skytypers Airshow Schedule for 2019

Airshows are always a great joy to watch, and they make us wonder how the pilots are able to pull off such jaw-dropping stunts. The Geico Skytypers’ crew conducts air shows across the country using 6 vintage WW II aircraft to achieve advanced maneuverability techniques. They combine the flexibility of these aircraft with current advanced navigation systems in order to achieve precise positioning and maneuverability. The challenge is even greater when performing across large water bodies where there are no landmarks to guide with navigation.

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Major Motorcycle Events for 2019

According to the groundhog we can expect an early end to the winter weather. That is great news to bikers who are itching to get out there and hit the road, especially in the northern regions. Now that the weather is getting better many riders are thinking about planning trips as vacations or just weekend getaways.

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Winter Driving With NuShield

According to meteorologists, the Winter of 2019 will be warmer than usual thanks to the El Nino effect. That means you will see less news about 10 foot or more snow fall dumped on communities around the country. The warmer weather will however bring more rain and flooding in low lying areas will be of concern.

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Is Your Car GPS Display Becoming a Distraction When You’re Driving?

If you have a car that was built since 2015 then you probably have an electronic display that allows you to pick your radio station, control your comfort, set your destination and answer your phone. Some functions can be voice controlled, but most often you have to look away from the road to fiddle with the touch screen. And the glare on the screen makes visibility even harder. This is a recipe for an accident.

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