NuShield will help you enjoy your boat even during the winter

If you are one of the lucky people who can leave the cold winter weather and move south to escape the cold remember to take a NuShield screen protector with you to avoid sun-glare as well.

boatRegardless of your age, traveling to warmer areas for a fishing trip or your second home can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. When out in the waters with your boat, it can sometimes be challenging to view your navigation display.

Even if you are just sitting out on the deck or on the beach, the sun can make a display screen unreadable. Devices such as fish finders, GPS displays, and even mobile accessories (phones, tablets, and laptops) can reflect glare from the sun and onto your eyes.

Equipping such devices with the NuShield DayVue screen protector can improve visibility and give you a better experience. This anti-reflective film reduces glare from the sun and improves the visibility of your display while outdoors.

You can now easily navigate to your favorite fishing spot in the ocean and enjoy boating experience. And, reading your favorite book from your Kindle or iPad device will be much easier with the canceled out glare that the DayVue film provides.

If you’re wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, you don’t have to compromise on the visibility of your display. The DayVue film will allow you to maintain screen visibility even while you’re wearing polarized sunglasses. The film minimizes the blue end of the spectrum and allows for clearer images from whatever viewing angle.

Enjoying the improved visibility of NuShield DayVue films is easy. The screen protector uses a slightly tacky adhesive to install, and it is quite simple to apply and remove whenever necessary. The low tack rubber backing does not leave any residue on the device display. Even if you already have one of those clear screen protectors already installed on your device, you can place a NuShield film on TOP of the current protector to eliminate glare and still protect from screen damage if dropped.

The DayVue film fits over 12,000 devices. From GPS systems to navigation-displays and mobile devices, there is a screen-protector for your specific device. Check here to see if your device is supported, or contact us to have one custom fitted for your display.

Ordering a NuShield DayVue film is quick and easy, and we’re always here to answer your questions. So if you are basking in the warm sun while your neighbors are freezing up north, make sure that you are enjoying your days as much as if you were back home. Order your film today!