Baseball Season to Begin with Caution in 2021

Looks like the 2021 baseball season will be starting a month later than usual if baseball executives have their way.  A proposal is currently on the table that would limit the season to 154 games instead of 160 and expand postseason expansion. So instead of the current April 1 start, opening day would be pushed back to May 1 or later.    

This would allow players and other personnel to be fully vaccinated and reduce the chance of postponing games during the season because of Covid issues.  However, the players’ union has not accepted these terms and are currently advising its members to prepare for an April 1 start.

2021 baseball season

Teams are also figuring ways to allow fans in the stands while limiting exposure to each other.  This was done effectively by the NFL by keeping capacity to 25%. However they will manage this, we know for certain that food concessions will be open and servers will need to use point of sale machines to take orders and guests to pay for their food.

Luckily, NuShield offers the Triple A anti-microbial screen protector film that goes over the display to protect against germs and help to keep the screen from damage when wiped with a caustic cleaning fluid that kills viruses.

During the football season the Green Bay Packers installed the NuShield film over all POS devices in their food court concession booths to protect both the fans and the workers from unnecessary germs.

These films are currently used in restaurants and on devices manufactured by DigiPOs, Elo, Flytech, harbortouch, HP, IBM, Ingenico, J2, Micros Oracle, NCR, NEC, Panasonic, Par Tech, Posiflex POSX, TekServePOS, Touch Dynamics, VeriFone and Viewsonic.  Take a look at our full list of manufacturers we support.

We expect that by the time the Ump yells “Play Ball”!! there will be a NuShield anti-microbial film installed on the transaction device at your stadium.  If not, mention NuShield to them and stay safe while watching the game.

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