Baseball Season Is Back!!

After a negotiation delay by the players and owners, the 2022 baseball season is under way.  The stadiums are packed again with fans again and everything seems normal.

But if you rather enjoy the game in your home or even outside with friends you might be in for a surprise. The new TV you bought with that shiny, glossy look is reflecting everything around you. Inside, you can close all the curtains and sit in the dark to eliminate those pesky reflections or you can purchase a NuShield Triple A anti-glare film overlay to do the same job and not have to live like a vampire.

Baseball Season Is Back

And if you set up your TV on your patio or in a glassed-in area outside you will also need the Triple A film to get rid of reflections from your fence, pool and other objects in your back yard. This protective film contains an antiglare matte finish that eliminates reflected glare and improves visibility.

The NuShield Triple A anti-glare film can fit on all LCD, LED, or Plasma TVs up to 80-inch diagonal and it is fairly easy to install. The film uses a low tack backing and air bubbles are easily pushed out using a simple credit card during installation.

If you don’t see your TV model, then just measure the width and height of the flat area of your TV screen and send us the measurements using our Contact Us form. Order a NuShield screen protector today.