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Enjoy a Glare Free Super Bowl

So, you bought a brand-new TV over the holidays or during the January blowout sale.  And after you set it up either inside or on the back patio you are horrified to see that you are seeing more reflection than what is actually happening in the program. You try to adjust the TV viewing angle, but the reflections don’t go away.

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Taking Advantage of After-Holiday TV Sales

It is a new year and manufacturers are introducing new TVs on the market after they sold out of their old ones during after holiday TV sales. And you might think it is a good idea to update your old set and to purchase a Smart TV that comes pre-packed with streaming services and maybe a larger size with that perfect picture that feels like you are in the middle of the action. But before you step into the store you might want to better understand the differences in technology of the TVs on the market.

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Have a Glare Free Christmas

The Wesley United Methodist Church in Edison, NJ has a long and narrow sanctuary which is a problem for worshippers towards the back to see and hear what is going on at the front.  Thanks to generous donors the church installed a new sound system and two 75” diagonal televisions upfront at a level where even the last row can see and hear the service.

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Preparing for the Holiday Season

As the Covid-19 virus and its various strains are abating and booster shots are widely available you will find more families returning to large group gatherings again.

However, consumers are more likely to place orders over their electronic devices than physically go to malls and stores to shop this holiday. Your Smartphone, Tablet or monitor will be used to browse for gift ideas with greater selection available 24 hours a day. Yes, our devices have become an indispensable tool in our daily life. Not only do they provide endless hours of fun and distraction, but they have also become practically indispensable for everyday living.

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Protecting Your Electronic Device in the Kitchen

The Holiday season is fast approaching with Thanksgiving around the corner. And as we start getting together again to celebrate the various holidays we are also searching for recipes to wow our friends.

With your laptop or tablet device, you can immediately access thousands of recipes posted on the Internet, and you can effortlessly flip between recipes as you are cooking. Looking for new recipes ideas to impress your guests this year? Pinterest is full of inspiring suggestions. Browsing the Internet, or taking a deep dive into Pinterest, you’ll easily find recipes that are obvious updates on those outdated recipe cards stashed away in your pantry.

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NuShield Helps You Enjoy Vacations More

As the world opens up in the aftermath of Covid 19 more families have decided to go on vacations during the Summer and take the kids to see sights and new cities. Most of us are fully vaccinated and boosted so the fear of catching Covid 19 and having a serious reaction has been subdued.

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NuShield and Football Make a Great Team

Football season is here again, and stadiums are filled with fans.  If you’re tailgating, you might bring a TV with you to watch the pre-game show or an early game. But when you set up the TV you realized that that shiny screen surface was reflecting everything around you, making it difficult to follow the action.  The problem is the same if you prefer to stay at home and watch the TV outside you are probably seeing everything from your grass to your fence and pool on the screen during the day. 

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