NuShield Supports New Apple iPhones

Apple recently introduced the new iPhone series featuring new technology. These phones come with advanced imaging capabilities that enhance the photos you take. These phones also have longer battery life and faster speeds.

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 is the replacement for the iPhone Xr and has dual sensors that allow you to take a wide-angle image as well as a regular image. The body now comes in six colors with a 6.1 inch display. At the starting price of $699 it is a slight drop from the iPhone Xr cost. Learn more about the new features of the iPhone 11 here.

The iPhone 11 Pro is the replacement for the iPHone Xs and comes with a trio of camera lenses that allow the user to take regular, telephoto and ultra-wide photos. The 5.8 inch display is slightly smaller than the iPhone 11 but has more features. At the cost of $999 it is the same as the iPhone Xs. The big difference between the 11 and the 11 Pro is that the Pro provides better photos and videos. Learn more about the new features of the iPhone 11 Pro here.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the largest and most powerful of the new series and also comes with three cameras in the back. It has a great Night Mode feature for taking pictures in dark areas. With a 6.5 inch display it is the same size as the iPhone Xs Max, but offers longer battery life and a fast charge. It is the most expensive phone at $1,099. This phone is truly for the Apple fan who wants a really large display with great photo imaging. Learn more about the new features of the iPhone 11 Pro Max here.

After examining these phones at our nearest Apple store we found that the basic issue of screen glare has not been addressed with this new release. Even indoors the reflections from the overhead light overwhelmed the screen display. Imagine how it will perform when you are outside in daylight.

NuShield offers the Triple A anti-glare screen protector film that eliminates reflections indoors and shaded areas. For those who spend a lot of time outside and use polarized sunglasses we recommend our DayVue anti-reflective film that works even in bright sunlight. These films are easy to install without the use of liquids and bubbles can be pushed aside using your finger or a credit card.

NuShield supports many phones currently on the market along with tablets and other larger devices. Find your phone here.