Antimicrobial Films Help Put an End to Bacterial Contamination in Hospitals

Do you know where exactly pathogens for the common cold and other worse diseases and illnesses can be found the most? You might just be surprised to found out that new studies have discovered the screens of smart devices such as smartphones and tablets are breeding grounds for serious illnesses and can be the cause of why people become sick so easily or quickly.

The study discovered the main cause of this breeding ground for pathogens comes from the neglect of properly cleaning off the LCD screens found on smartphones and that allows for the bacteria to grow and eventually infect people and making them sick, break out their skin, or even cause worse infections if the illness is serious. Another pathway for germs, bacteria, and illness is also the transfer of them through hospital workers who haven’t properly cleaned the tablet screens found in hospitals as referenced in this article on Occupational Health & Safety online.

Germ Free Screen Protectors
Fortunately, there are ways to combat illness through LCD screens and that is specially made antimicrobial films created by NuShield. These easy to apply protectors can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use while protecting its user from microbial bacteria and germs that can cause illness such as the flu or cold.

NuShield Triple A Antimicrobial Films Help Put an End to Bacterial Contamination in HospitalsNuShield Triple A antimicrobial films should also be a requirement for all healthcare workers to help combat sickness both inside of their work and outside in order to ensure that they remain healthy and so do their patients. This can minimize the risk of spreading worse off sicknesses while keeping the LCD screen of that smartphone or tablet completely germ free.

And the best part about the screen protectors developed by NuShield? They will still protect the LCD screen from scratches and other abrasions as well as removing the glare that can be commonly found on screens throughout the day. This is a must both for personal and professional devices with a LCD screen in a hospital.

NuShield Triple A antimicrobial films can especially help in “high risk” areas such as the ICU and operating rooms, as referenced in the study about microbial bacteria on LCD screens in hospitals. Professionals sterilize themselves for procedures, but sometimes they are immediately handling a smart device right after and that can cause a risk of spreading illness to other patients. But the anti-microbial technology found in the NuShield Triple A screen protectors work just like hand sanitizer, so why not use them with all smart devices both in hospitals and outside of the hospital?

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