Five Fun Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day with NuShield Triple A Antiglare Screen Protectors

Not satisfied with standard printed Valentine cards? Want to make your Valentine message more personal and more relevant? Exchanging photos of special times, adventures, and happy times in photo collages, photo albums, Facebook and Instagram photos can be far more moving than giving a generic purchased cards.

NuShield Triple A Antiglare films make the experience of creating these photo collages, albums, and posts much more pleasurable, saving your eyes from screen glare. And the films give the recipient of your photo Valentines a clearer, easy-to-see and enjoy experience.

Most of us have archives of photos that go back years on our computers, notepads, and phones. Among them are lots of great photos that capture special moments. All we need for a great Valentine greeting is a little inspiration. Thankfully, tools abound to help us out.

  1. Valentine’s Day Slideshows
    Use NuShield Triple A Antiglare film when creating Valentine’s Day SlideshowsWith over 1,000 slideshow templates for slideshows, gives a boost in getting started with your own, personal Valentine’s slideshow. You can work either online or offline by downloading the Smilebox application to incorporate animations, memorable photos, and music, delivering the message most meaningful to you and your Valentine. Once composed, you can email your slideshow message, or schedule the date and time that you want it to go out. And you can post the slideshow to Facebook, and preserve it in a DVD.
  2. Nurturing Long-Distance Relationships
    Protect phone with NuShield Triple A Anti-glare Screen ProtectorWe can’t always be together as much as we want. Whether you are in long-distance relationship, or a road warrior who wants to stay in touch on a daily basis, you may already be relying on Facetime and Skype for face-to-face time when miles apart. Now, we can even share dinner together – with the assistance of dinner bowls equipped with phone holders for dinner time conversations. The phone holder on the bowl lets you talk on your phone while slurping your noodles with an iPhone perch built right into the bowl. Say I love you in person.Before eating, chatting, and sharing, be sure your phone is protected with a NuShield Triple A screen protector! You wouldn’t want to splash dinner on the screen.
  3. Photo Framing Special Moments
    Use NuShield Triple A Anti-glare films on devices when creating Valentine photo frames on your devicesGet personal and creative with photo frames. Without the annoying glare on your phone, making a special framed photo can be great fun for the maker – and the receiver. There are several photo frame apps in addition to what you might find on Instagram – some designed especially for Valentine’s Day. Android phone users may enjoy dev4wife’s Valentine Day Photos. iPhone users, check out Magostech’s Valentine Day Photo Frames.
  4. Photo Booth the Happy Couple
    Use NuShield Triple A Anti-glare films on devices when creating Valentine photobooth imagesApple introduced the photo booth app as long ago as 2005 – and continues to be popular. And photo booth apps can now be found for both Android and iOS based devices. Photos can be super imposed on myriad backgrounds and special effects. No need to visit a physical photo booth together. Use the photo of your special moment together, and have fun manipulating the background and settings. Popular among the photo booth apps are InstaBooth for iOS devices, and Pocketbooth for Android. Whether using an iPhone, iPad, or Android-based device, NuShield Triple A screen protectors keep out the glare – making it a lot easier on your eyes while composing your masterpiece.
  5. Valentine Decorated Photos
    Use NuShield Triple A Anti-glare films on devices when creating Valentine decorated photosIf you simply want to add Valentine sticker images to the photo of your sweetheart, there are many photo editors with Valentine decorations to use. Valentine’s Day Photo Frames with stickers & pics and Valentine Photo Free – Picture with Love, are available through iTunes; Valentine’s day photo stickers and Valentine Photo Sticker on Google Play. Make it easy on yourself when creating your personal photo by removing glare with NuShield’s Triple A anti-glare films.

How Did You Do?
We’re interested in hearing back and seeing your creations. Let us know what app you chose, and how well you could see your work while working on your device. If you wish you had already purchased a NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protector, it’s time to get one. Order online or call 215-500-6426 to purchase a film to fit your display – whatever the brand or model.