Add NuShield Screen Protectors to Your Holiday Shopping List

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and pretty soon you’ll be eagerly preparing your shopping list so that you can go out and buy gifts for friends and family.

With each passing holiday season, electronics become increasingly more popular as gift items, and you’ll probably have some individuals on your list who are looking forward to a new tablet, GPS, or other electronic device.

If you’re shopping for someone who always has a tablet or smartphone in hand, you might consider giving accessories such as NuShield screen protectors that protect and facilitate the use of electronic devices.

2014 Shopping: The Popularity of Electronics

The Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) has recently released some estimates on holiday shopping for the 2014 season, and it has been predicted that spending on electronics will be higher this year than any year previously. A recent analysis by the CEA has predicted that consumers will be more optimistic this year and less inhibited regarding holiday spending. According to the CEA, the most popular electronic devices this year will be tablets, laptops, televisions, smartphones, and video game consoles. Sales on these devices are expected to bring in almost $109 billion in the next couple months.

The majority of these devices will be bought as gifts. The CEA has noted that not only will electronic devices be highly popular as gifts in the 2014 season, but also accessories such as earbuds and headphones will be common gifts. While devices such as tablets and laptops have been popular as gifts for quite a few years, the CEA has predicted that more recently developed electronics items such as fitness devices and smart watches will be more prominent this year in terms of sales figures.

Adding a Screen Protector
Anti-Reflective Notebook Films
Anti-Reflective Notebook Protective Films

If you’re planning on giving a family member or friend a tablet or laptop this year, you might want to consider convenient accessories that could go along with the new electronic device. If you’re going to be spending a lot of money on an expensive electronic device, it’s wise to include some protective accessories that will help to extend the life and improve the functionality of devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Once Black Friday and Cyber Monday get here, you’ll want to know where to go to put in orders on your large ticket items- as well as any accessory purchases- before items go out of stock. An electronic device is really not complete without the appropriate screen protector to go along with it to protect the device and improve its functionality. A screen protector from NuShield is a great gift add-on that helps recipients to take full advantage of their new electronic devices.

NuShield Screen Protectors

What screen protector options are available among the products offered by NuShield? The following are the three main types of screen protector offered:

  • NuShield DayVue– This antireflective film improves visibility by blocking glare. Antireflective film from NuShield prolongs LCD screen life and adheres to screens with a low tack rubber that won’t leave any residue after it’s removed.
  • NuShield Triple A– Not only does NuShield Triple A have antiglare properties that improve visibility, but it also offers antimicrobial and antifingerprint features that keep screens looking clear and clean. The antiglare feature of NuShield Triple A diffuses indoor light and prevents UVB light from interfering with visibility.
  • NuShield AG– A NuShield AG antiglare screen protector does not adhere to screens, but is installed by being inserted into the plastic case on laptops and monitors, if available.

For more information about NuShield products, which have been protecting electronics for 15 years, contact us today at 877-900-9192, or browse our website to get answers to your questions and order from our wide array of antireflective screen protectors for all of your devices. Drop us an email with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.