6 Things You’ll Probably Want to Buy For Your First Car

You just bought your first car, and the feeling is out of this world. The excitement that comes with your very first car can be tremendous. The fuss of visiting a car dealership is worth the ecstasy that comes with taking your first car out for a ride. 

As a first-time car owner, no matter what brand of car you got, you can never go wrong with asking about important car accessories. Now, you’ll need to learn more about some accessories that you probably didn’t even know existed before.

Let’s find out the 6 things you should consider buying for your first car. It’s necessary to mention that most of these accessories will save your life and secure your newly bought car. 

What are the 6 Important Car Accessories You Need to Buy for Your First Car?

Automotive Jump Starter

An automotive jump starter is a portable battery device that enables you to jump-start your vehicle quickly. Since a car’s battery can fail, it helps to have a jump starter in your car. 

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Furthermore, situations like cold temperatures can make starting a car difficult. Hence, an automotive jump starter will be an indispensable tool in your trunk.

It’s important to remember that you need to consider the following key features when picking out a jump starter:

  • Shape and size – Your vehicle’s engine size influences the size of the jump starter you need. Make sure to find one that will be able to jump-start your car depending on its size.
  • Charging specifications – Ensure you buy a jump starter that can turn up your engine anywhere you are. Make sure there are enough amps because your vehicle will automatically take in only the right amount of charge from the jump starter.  

Take note that some jump starter types offer you additional features such as USB plugs, charge indicators, and LED lighting. In addition, some have air compressors that enable you to pump up your car tires when low.

If a jump starter doesn’t work, then it’s probably time to go on a trip to your respective car dealership to get it checked.

For example, Toyota owners can always go to a Toyota dealership to get their cars checked. Dealerships like these don’t only sell cars, they also provide services for your car. Experts will be able to take a look at your car and see if there’s something wrong. You may even get to negotiate with your dealer if you’ve only recently got the car and it’s already acting up.

Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cams are just as essential for first-time car owners as it is to every other experienced driver. 

What a dashboard camera does is that it records whatever happens from the perspective of the driver. This can then be used as video proof to report careless driving, drunk, or distracted drivers. The dashcam video gives real evidence of what is happening on the road. 

This will help keep drivers responsible and observant when driving because they know that they might be traced on camera.

Sometimes, you could be driving carefully but still, get into an accident because of someone else’s fault. For example, we learn that teenage drivers are more likely to get into car crashes due to careless driving than adult drivers. 

In summary, owning a dashboard camera for your car offers the following benefits:

  • It makes drivers accountable by recording everything that happens within your vehicle when driving, you can account for every road issue around you. It forces you, as a driver, to become accountable for your mistakes. It’s also proof if someone else makes a mistake and they can be held accountable for it as well.
  • It increases security by recording cases like vandalism, hit-and-run scenarios, and attempted break-ins.
  • It improves the driving experience by being able to revisit the cam later on and review your driving to see where you need to improve. For example, you might have driven too close to other vehicles or made unnecessary breaks. Hence, you get to learn from your mistakes.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Parking a vehicle, especially in a busy town, may prove hard for first-time car owners. On the other same note, blind spots can be dangerous, especially if you are just starting to learn how to park. 

Fortunately, blind spot mirrors will help make your car parking easier by allowing you to see these blind spots. In short, it works by improving the effectiveness of a side mirror. 

Note that it’s important for drivers to have the correct blindspot mirror size installed in their cars. They also need to understand how to use it so it’ll take time to get used to it. 

Cordless Vacuum 

Every first-time car owner would want to maintain their car by keeping it clean and tidy.

However, people tend to forget to clean the nook and corners of their cars. As a result, such areas will often accumulate dust and dirt. Over time, it leads to build-up that may cause allergies and respiratory problems. 

A cordless vacuum is a remarkable car accessory that utilizes lithium technology to suck up dirt. It offers powerful and extended suction to guarantee thorough cleaning.

Please note that it is necessary to vacuum your car’s surfaces, carpets, and seats to thoroughly remove the dirt and dust. Vacuuming also helps to reduce the possibility of mold and fungi growing in your car.

Digital Tire Gauge

A digital tire gauge is one accessory you can’t forget to store in the back of your car. It helps to quickly check your tire pressure when you’re in a rush to get somewhere but are not sure if the tire pressure is good enough.

With a one-time push button, the digital display will show you an accurate tire pressure reading. 30 seconds after displaying the reading, it will shut off automatically to save the car’s battery. 

Once you install the digital tire gauge, you’ll always receive a warning on the dashboard display every time the tire pressures are faulty.

Screen Protector

Screen protectors eliminate glare from car displays. A good screen protector is always necessary for your car’s touchscreen display. 

Whether driving on a short or long distance, you need the car’s infotainment system. The display enables you to control many functions at once and makes it convenient for you to entertain any passengers you might have. 

These functions include GPS, phone, radio, heat and air conditioning, internet access, and cabin lighting. In addition to that, you can adjust all the infotainment settings through one monitor.

Screen protectors also help keep dirt and dust away from your car’s navigation display. Furthermore, it acts as an anti-reflective screen protector film. It offers long-lasting protection to safeguard your navigation display from scratches, fingerprints, and sun glare.

The NuShield DayVue anti-reflector film is ideal to use if you wear polarized sunglasses while you drive or if you keep your sunroof open and the sunglare darkens the display. The film will allow you to read the display in sunlight.

The NuShield Triple A anti-glare film is ideal to eliminate glare from the display in all other situations and hides fingerprints. The film also kills germs that might populate your display.

The NuShield films are easy to apply and come in sizes to fit displays for cars built since 2000. And NuShield will work with you to create a film to fit your screen if they don’t already list your year and model.


When you think about how much you waited to get hold of your first car, you’ll want to do anything to secure the valuable commodity.

We have given you the six essential things that you should buy for your first car. These accessories should help safeguard your car, and guarantee your safety every time you hit the road.