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Protect Your Electronic Device While Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

As we delve further into the autumn season, the holidays are rapidly approaching. Those who are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year will want to plan for an extraordinary meal that may include some tasty new recipes.

With your laptop or tablet device, you can immediately access thousands of recipes posted on the Internet, and you can effortlessly flip between recipes as you do your cooking come Thanksgiving Day.

Looking for new recipes ideas and Thanksgiving decorations to impress your guests this year? Pinterest  is full of inspiring suggestions. Browsing the Internet, or taking a deep dive into Pinterest, you’ll easily find recipes that are obvious updates on those outdated recipe cards stashed away in your pantry.

Protecting your electronic device while cooking

NuShield Triple A™ Antiglare/ Anti-microbial/Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector on Electronic DeviceUsing your laptop or tablet as a recipe book adds a great deal of convenience to Thanksgiving preparations. And be sure to take precautions to protect your electronic tablet device from kitchen hazards. Things can get pretty out of control on Thanksgiving Day as you rush to get multiple dishes ready at the same time.

How can you make sure that your device stays safe and functions properly throughout the day? Apply an anti glare screen protector from NuShield.

The following are the major advantages of protecting your laptop or tablet with a NuShield anti glare screen protector while you’re busy and distracted with the task of feeding hordes of hungry family members and friends:

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Real Estate Agencies Benefit from Digital Signage

In the real estate business, visuals are key. Prospective buyers for homes and other residences want to know what the interior looks like and need a truthful representation that uses clear, HD quality pictures and one of the best ways to show that is through the right kind of screen. They can also use digital screens for other things within the office such as showing promotions or using it for internal purposes amongst employees.

Regardless, real estate agencies can benefit from digital signage both outside and in the office, but those screens will need something highly important: an anti glare screen protector.

Anti Reflective Screens & Screen Glare
Many businesses are making the switch to digital signage because of how easy it makes running a business that needs to convey a lot of information to their customers.

Restaurants have been installing digital signage in their establishments to show off their menu on a very clear, bright screen that anybody can easily read. Plus, the menu can be Digital Signageeasily changed by updating the document on the computer that the screens are displaying.

The same can be applied to an real estate agency. Signage helps show as much information as possible without having to worry about handwriting it and all of the information can be easily updated, which can happen constantly in real estate.

But when you start installing the digital signage into the office, there might be glare from natural sunlight that can make it impossible to read the signs or even damage the digital screens.

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NuShield: The Answer to Using Your E-Reader Outdoors

NuShield films used to avoid reflections and glare on eReadersWhen you feel like enjoying the nice weather outside while reading that best seller you’ve been dying to get into ever since you got it for your e-reader, one of the biggest things that can ruin this moment is reflected images on your e-reader screen from the sun.

Most e-readers aren’t well equipped for this type of situation and require you to either try and find some shade that will lessen the glare, put up the screen’s lighting and drain out your battery, or you’ll have to sit inside and read. However, there is a way to sit in direct sunlight without having to worry about reflected images and it all comes down to the right type of screen protector.

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Proper Care for your Vehicle’s Navigation Screen

Mercedes Comand Navigation Screen before the NuShield DayVue Screen Protector was applied

While you’re out traveling and using your vehicle’s navigation screen it’s going to inevitably get dirty and will need to be cleaned.

Most people will probably use a dab of window cleaner or another general purpose cleaning spray on their navigation system in their car with a paper towel or cloth, but unfortunately this can completely ruin the screen and make it unusable.

The alcohol or ammonia found in the cleaning solution will streak and cause damage to the vehicle navigation screen that will be next to impossible to fix unless you take it in to be professionally repaired.

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NuShield iPad Screen Protectors Solve Visibility Issues

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that the Apple iPad has only been around for about four and a half years. Already, this device has become ubiquitous and made considerable headway in replacing laptops and desktop computers.

The iPad’s sleekness and simplicity help it to capitalize on what has long been Apple’s strength: a knack for producing attractively designed products that seem to make all similar devices from competitors look awkward, bulky, and even “geeky” in comparison.iPad Screen Protectors

One noteworthy aspect of the iPad’s popularity is the diversity of users of this Apple creation. Unlike the laptops and desktops that came before, the iPad has been widely adopted by users of all ages — even users who would be unlikely to either work or play on a traditional computer. Both the old and young alike have embraced the iPad as a way to surf the Web, play games, read, and more.

The iPad offers a striking user-friendliness that makes it possible to master the use of the device in minutes, and this makes it ideal for demographics of people who may be uninitiated as computer users.

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