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GEICO Skytypers Use NuShield DayVue Films to Stay on Course During Formation Flying

GEICO team performing at an airshow

Flying an airplane requires a great amount of skill and aptitude. Add to that the special skill required for precision flying with five other airplanes in formation. These pilots must rely on electronic instrumentation to find their way to the next “waypoint” to perform low level precision aeronautical demonstration flying as one unit.

The GEICO Skytyper Airshow Team is a flight squadron of six vintage WWII aircraft, performing precision flight maneuvers at select airshows across the U.S. The planes are the SNJ-2 version of the NAA’s BC-1 basic combat trainer. The plane is a vintage craft upgraded with the latest and best navigation equipment. They can roll, loop, spin, snap and vertical roll and are perfect for stunt flying. When the pilots are not performing at airshows, they skywrite messages as tall as the Empire State building, up to eight miles long.

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Antimicrobial Films Help Put an End to Bacterial Contamination in Hospitals

Do you know where exactly pathogens for the common cold and other worse diseases and illnesses can be found the most? You might just be surprised to found out that new studies have discovered the screens of smart devices such as smartphones and tablets are breeding grounds for serious illnesses and can be the cause of why people become sick so easily or quickly.

The study discovered the main cause of this breeding ground for pathogens comes from the neglect of properly cleaning off the LCD screens found on smartphones and that allows for the bacteria to grow and eventually infect people and making them sick, break out their skin, or even cause worse infections if the illness is serious. Another pathway for germs, bacteria, and illness is also the transfer of them through hospital workers who haven’t properly cleaned the tablet screens found in hospitals as referenced in this article on Occupational Health & Safety online.

Germ Free Screen Protectors
Fortunately, there are ways to combat illness through LCD screens and that is specially made antimicrobial films created by NuShield. These easy to apply protectors can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use while protecting its user from microbial bacteria and germs that can cause illness such as the flu or cold.

NuShield Triple A Antimicrobial Films Help Put an End to Bacterial Contamination in HospitalsNuShield Triple A antimicrobial films should also be a requirement for all healthcare workers to help combat sickness both inside of their work and outside in order to ensure that they remain healthy and so do their patients. This can minimize the risk of spreading worse off sicknesses while keeping the LCD screen of that smartphone or tablet completely germ free.

And the best part about the screen protectors developed by NuShield? They will still protect the LCD screen from scratches and other abrasions as well as removing the glare that can be commonly found on screens throughout the day. This is a must both for personal and professional devices with a LCD screen in a hospital.

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Improve your Camcorders LCD screen with NuShield

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to record a memorable event on your camcorder – but there is so much glare reflected back from the LCD screen that it completely washes out the screen image. Camcorders are costly and it’s truly annoying when this happens. You might mistakenly believe you need to purchase a different brand or model camcorderto fix the problem, when all you need is a quick fix to improve your LCD screen and make videotaping a pleasure instead of a chore.

An anti-reflective screen for camcorders is the solution to your screen situation. When Protect Camcorders LCD screen with NuShield DayVue Anti-Reflective screen protectoryou’re outside and the sun is making it hard to see your LCD screen, this can make it hard for you to record good video. Stop missing those sporting events and videos of your kids playing outside with the NuShield DayVue Anti-Reflective screen protector that cuts the reflections from your LCD screen and makes it easy for you to see the action while filming.

Many camcorder screens go dim when you’re filming outside, making it practically impossible to see what you’re recording, a problem also resolved with the NuShield DayVue. This anti-reflective film also protects your screen from scratches and damage, and is available to fit any size LCD screen and work with any camcorder model. The NuShield film protects your expensive LCD screen, resists scratches, and filters out 99% of UV light so you can easily see what you’re recording.

This same film also works in the dark at your child’s band concert, a rock show, or a play where the combination of darkness and stage lights is making it impossible for you to see your LCD screen.

The NuShield antireflective film not only cuts the glare and improves clarity, but serves as a protector for your screen. Replacing an LCD screen is costly, but when you use NuShield screens, you protect your investment and minimize the chances of having to replace your LCD screen due to scratches or other damage.

NuShield offers a 4.3″ diagonal Cut-to-Fit film kit that covers almost all cameras and recorders as well as handheld GPS devices on the market today.  It is easy to use and the protectors install in seconds, don’t leave any residue, and easy to keep clean. Just use the paper template to mark the size of film you need to cut, then with a pair of sharp scissors trim the film to the size you need.

For more information about NuShield products, which have been protecting electronics for 15 years, contact us today at 877-900-9192, or browse our website to get answers to your questions and order from our wide array of antireflective screen protectors for all of your devices. Drop us an email with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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