Enhanced Metal Detectors Used to Find Treasures at the Beach

As the weather reaches the 90s the beaches around the country are filling up with people escaping the heat of the city and enjoying the fun in the sand and ocean.  Other than sunbathing beachgoers you will probably see some folks walking around with funny looking sticks and a plate-looking object near the sand waving it around.

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Take In an Airshow This Summer

Airshows are always a great joy to watch, and they make us wonder how the pilots are able to pull off such jaw-dropping stunts. The Geico Skytypers’ crew conducts air shows across the country using 6 vintage WW II aircraft to achieve advanced maneuverability techniques. They combine the flexibility of these aircraft with current advanced navigation systems in order to achieve precise positioning and maneuverability. The challenge is even greater when performing across large water bodies where there are no landmarks to guide with navigation. For a full list of the 2022 air show schedule look here: Air Show Schedule in US.

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NuShield DayVue Films Save Graduation Pictures from Glare

The months of May and June see multitudes of students graduate all the way from Kindergarten to Graduate School. You have proud parents, siblings, relatives and friends gather for the big event and act like paparazzi around the graduate. This is a very special moment and you don’t want it ruined by glare.

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Fun With Recreational Drones

Formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones might more easily be thought of as flying robots. They can do all sorts of things like race, take aerial photographs, help locate lost pets, retrieve items from rooftops, and much more. If you or a member of your household is searching for a fun new activity or pastime to enjoy, flying drones offers numerous benefits and can provide hours of excitement. The more time you spend practicing operating your drone, the better you’ll become. Drones have many uses, and the list of them is only growing.

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NuShield Guide to Major Motorcycle Events in 2022

As the weather gets warmer it is time to get that bike out of the garage and start planning touring trips on the weekends. This is especially true in the northern regions where we suffered through a snowy winter. It’s time to get together again with friends and plan weekend outings. If you want to meet up with other riders and make new friends, the Cyclefish.com website lists the major rallies and bike weeks around the U.S. between now and end of 2022. The organization has close to 43,500 members, photos, blogs, businesses and lists over 44,000 events.

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College Basketball Madness Protected by NuShield

If you are a college basketball fan this is your Super Bowl.  The pinnacle of college basketball with 68 teams competing for the title of National Champions. Added to this excitement is the side story of Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski going for his 6th championship win before he hangs up his clipboard and retires.

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Is Blue Light Eye Strain a Myth or Fact?

According to leading ophthalmologists and a recent report from GigaOm’s technology research platform, long-term exposure to blue light after dark can lead to chronic insomnia, and even breast cancer. This blue light however is only given off by devices using Light Emitting Diode (LED). These would include computer monitors, tablets, flat-screen TVs (such as those manufactured by Samsung, Sony, and LG), and OLED TVs with curved screens, including Panasonic, Samsung, and LG.

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NASCAR Races Into The Future

February 6, 2022 will begin the new racing season for NASCAR Cup Series with a special short-track race taking place at the Los Angeles Coliseum in California. The new season will also feature the new Gen 7 car which will feature improved aero and down-force packages while introducing new technologies on the track. This move by officials also helps to lower costs for teams and offers opportunities for other manufacturers to enter into the race.

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